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300 Women And Children On A Paddy Field Without Any Hope In Maungdaw

RB News
February 6, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – About 300 women and children who escaped from a mass killing in Duchiradan village in Maungdaw township are in a paddy field without any hope for food or a place to live.

Yesterday morning at 8:30 am Maungdaw district police chief Lt. Colonel Shwe Than and some other police officers arrived to Baggona (Tet Oo Chaung) village and had a meeting in the library of Baggona village with the village administrators of the nearby villages of Duchiradan. In the meeting, the police officers asked the village administrators to expel the women and children who are taking refuge in the villages. The district police chief warned the villages administrators that the serious action will be taken against them if fail to act on the order immediately. After the meeting, two villages administrators were questioned by police until 3 pm.

As per the order of police, the village administrators forced the women and children who are taking refuge in the villages to leave. Now about 300 women and children are in the paddy fields nearby those villages. According to the villagers, those Rohingya women and children have no food and things needed to sleep. No provisions to live. As the weather is very cold at this time they are suffering. The villagers said nobody can help them as the village administrators were seriously threatened. So they are urging for urgent humanitarian intervention for those displaced women and children.

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