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A documentary video on the genocides against Rohingyas by Myanmar government ( Leaked Video)

"Although mass killings and exterminations of human races were some sort of things that the world experienced during Nazi German period, the similar or worse kinds of genocides and mass killings against a world's most forgotten people are being systematically implemented by the government in Myanmar now and at this moment. Specifically, since 1942, one of the historic and most horrendous mass killings has been being carried out against a Muslim Rohingya community, a community who have been living in the western part of Burma from the time of immemorial. The recent ethnic of cleansing of the mentioned community that was instigated in June 2012 is not stopped and over yet.

This documentary video on the genocides against Rohingyas is made by Myanmar government and leaked into the media through some government officials."

By looking at the video therein,

The entire atrocities have been well orchestrated by the government of the Rakhine State acknowledged by the Burmese government and implemented by the Mob, Police and the Burmese Army Brigade.

Based on the victim's testimony from the other video sources states that The police and the army came to their house and force them to evacuate from their dwelling in order to save the victims from getting under fire Instead of preventing the mob not to set fire on the victims dwelling area.

By looking at the event, Mob set the fire on the victims houses. Police and Army fail to stop the MOB during the conflict and fail to safe lives and properties of the victims. Rakine states government fail to put the mob on trial and take any kind of legal actions towards persons involved. Rather than that , Rakhine party leadership and the Monks promote the violence.

Therefore, more than 70,000 people forced to flee their homes and put into the concentration champs in order to deport and push them into the SEA.

The evidence of that is the Burmese president Thein Sein's speech to the people of Burma and the UNHCR chief. Is it not a crime against Humanity on forceful displacement of people?

Since they have put the Rohingya in the concentration champs. while Arakan states is under curfew, The army and police knowingly fail to stop the MOB from attacking the Rohinga victims as well as fail to bring the situation to normality. It is to suspect that, Why the army and the police forces fail to control the mob once they have been successfully control the similar mob in 2007 revolution and 1988 revolution and so on. Therefore, we see the Hippocratic and direct and indirect involvement of authority in this process of exodus to Rohingya.

The army, police and the State govern fail to provide and deliver the humanitarian aids to the victim on time as well as knowingly disturbing Local and International NGO's from helping the victims in the Concentration Champs.Therefore, many children and elderly people have lost their lives due to malnutrition and diseases.

When Rakhine mob attacking and stopping NGO personal from helping the victims , Police, Army and State authorities fail to stop the mob by ignoring the incident.

There is NO law and Order fairly enforced in the region and the victims are living under plight of none or minimal survival conditions.

That is to analyze that They have successfully implemented the project of Muslim free Zone in Sittwe and Arakan State. They are planning to do the similar
exercise in the mainland Burma. The small incident in Yamethin and other small area within Burma are starting examples.

Government will blame the outside Internet sources and the Monks at the end, but they are responsible to stop the promoter Monks and the people who spread the hate to the violence NOW.

In Video

.at 1:48 look at a man in a blue T-Shit holding a long stick.

. Army is systematically grouping the victims of the violence pushed by the another army troops in the slams to displace them to out of town.

. At 2:53 Soldiers lining up and marching in the operational style.

. What we see is army is busy with displacement of Rohingya rather than stopping the mob in the town from burning the victims homes more.

. At 5:01 Soldering are squatting as they are in the operation. We can tell army know exactly what they are doing during. This can be said they are doing military operation .

. At 5:54 Children are going to a small water pond to flush their face and drink form that pond due to the thirst.

. At 20:2 Please look at the Man in a Pink Shirt with a stick treating the victims as the kettle and cows

Thousands or people were displaced and forced to flee their home and business. This kind of systematic displacement is taken place by the brutality of the mob and the smile of the army officer in the name of saving the victims to the place where there is NO food, shades and shelter and no way of return to the place where they belong.

Where is the Justice ? What is the future of those people ? If it is not the crime against Humanity then what will we call that to ? What can we do to bring justice to the people that are voluntarily involve in this ?

  1. Good muslim is a dead muslim. Junta should kill them all!

  2. Abusing is not better but Rakhine and U thing sin are together killing Rohingya Muslim. by diplomatic we can not get any Right, no any kafir are can not give right to Muslim .all are one harm for Muslim we must be fight with them, so we must organize for it .thanks

  3. with united means , we should solve our problems the way Magh Rakhines are united and want to solve their means.

  4. Muslim Nations united to support the Rohingyas, but, the Rohingyas themselves not united yet.

  5. Muslim Nations are united supporting your cause , but, the Rohingyas themselves are not united as yet. With united ways, needed strive to solve .

  6. Can't you see the soldiers escorted the Muslims to flee to the safer place. No soldier was abusing them. They gave protection from potential attack from others. We are very sorry to see the plight of those unfortunate people. Don't exploit other's woe to your extremist goal. You cannot win this problem by propagating this kind of false accusation. Do you know the real meaning of Genocide?

    I am not happy to see any one in danger of killed. All lives are precious. Whether they are Muslims or Buddhists, originally they all are human and born out of the wombs of our mothers.

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