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People of Bengal for Rohingya

(Photo: Focus Bangla)

People of Bengal for Rohingya

Ro Mayyu Ali
RB Poem
June 16, 2018

What a humanity!
What the warm hands you people provide 
For those who escaped for lives 
Crossing the Naf in haste 
With the pierced-bullet in little bodies 
You people receive and link us accessing 
Through the gate of your hearts
Ah! What a thrill!

What a tenderness!
What the sweet smiles you bloom 
For those who're panic and traumatised
Behind the scenario of mass killing and gang rape 
You embrace us with required necessities 
Waiting nearby border in broad daylight 
Ah! What a compassion! 

What a morality! 
How generous you are! 
For those whose homes were burnt to ash 
And escaping the death 
You welcome us 
In your open arms and hearts 
And give refuge for a million
Ah! What a kindness! 

Your Bengal is its own needs 
But your hearts are enough huge 
Your nation is not enough rich 
But your contribution to humanity is unique
Though you people look different
In tongues and culture 
You make us feel comfortable. 
You make us feel physical safety. 
You're the example of humanity. 

In sense of everlasting resolution 
Your comrade and respect are 
To be the key solving this humanitarian crisis 
Your sincere integration is
To be the knot of our safe and dignified return 
We've been fled and back many times 
This time should be the last ever 
That's what we mean 
Coming into your kind bosoms 
In great humane neighbourly tie of 
Rohingya and people of Bengal

* On behalf of Rohingya community, a heartfelt thank from the poet, himself a Rohingya refugee to the people and government of Bangladesh who has been providing the refuge for a million of Rohingya refugees in their land.*

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