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More than 2000 signed for removing Buddhist Bin Laden from Facebook

By Wyston Lawrence
RB Petition
October 15, 2017

There is one petition has been going on to remove Ven. Wira Thu from Facebook. He has been known as Buddhist Bin Laden. Time magazine published his image on their cover with the title of The Face of Buddhist Terror. The petition can be reached at

In the petition they claimed that he has fanned the flames of religious chauvinism in Myanmar. Because of his propaganda, some innocent people have been killed in Burma. With the strong supports of anti-democratic groups including Burmese, he is going against democratic activists, including Suu Kyi in Burma. 

His purpose is to create religious and racial riots between majority Buddhist and Minority Muslim. He is using Facebook for his virus ideas between Burmese people. Facebook has policy to block any kinds of racism and religious bigots. This petition will send directly to Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Wyston Lawrence is a Political Analyst and Human Rights Activist based in Australia. Follow on Twitter @LawrenceWynston

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