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Northern Arakan as Rohingya's Ancestral Land: G.H.Luce citing the Stone Inscription from Ava Period

By Dr Maung Zarni
December 16, 2015


Rohinjas were NOT descendants of colonial era "farm coolies" from East Bengal as Myanmar government blatantly lies to the world.

Based on the 14th century stone inscriptions, Luce described them as "a fine type of devout and scholarly-minded Muslims."

They have been indigenous to North Western Arakan since 1400 AD. 

According to the late Gordon H. Luce, essentially the founder of modern historical studies of the ancient Myanmar or Burma and the mentor of Professor Than Tun, the presence of the Rohinjas in Burma was evidenced in the stone inscriptions from the Ava period (AD 1400).

Source: G. H. Luce (1985) Phases of Pre-Pagan Burma: Languages and History. Volume I. pages. X. Table of Contents & page. 95.

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