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To the Bosom of My State

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To the Bosom of My State 

Ro Mayyu Ali
RB Poem
April 3, 2018

The world I knew is gone
The people I loved were displaced, Missing, incarcerated and dead
My home is completely gone 
And my life is smashed to nothing

I had to escape to another's hands
Now I survive by aids in the world's largest settlement 
Here I'm quite subjected 
As the prey of the earth nature 
And the the victim of creature misbehave 

Oh! You my state! 
So many things despite, I yearn in you
Perhaps, the bond I have for you is still intact
How my heart beats to dwell in your bosom 
It doesn't only mean I can't live without you. 
It so means none other closer than you for me

In my eyes, it is dream for you
On mind, full thought of changes 
In heart, a bunch of desires 
I can stay away from you.
Never I can be without thinking of you 
I can be exiled from you. 
Can nothing remove you from my heart 

Other's love for you could be in heart
What love I have for you is in my blood 
I love you in any circumstance
I love you, my motherland 
I love you, my Myanmar!

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