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Will the Ummah really lose its injured part?

Qutub Shah
RB Opinion
January 1, 2015

It is nature that a small injury left without remedy will surely infect the whole body.

A tiny member of the Ummah representing it and acting as an Islam spokesman for centuries in the Muslim world’s eastern-most region considered still as the state capital of Islamic culture and civilization, has been exposed to all sorts of atrocities and savageries for decades. Let the current situation predict the future of the region.

To date, the region sees tragic events on daily basis of rapes, murders, robberies, thefts, abuses, harassments, tortures, ransoms, arrests, seizures, etc. by the authorities and co-existing majority. No criminal is punished, and even the government is both the culprit and the judge. It's as if the central government has sold this region to the local authorities and Buddhist extremists.

The Buddhist aggression has paid off. It has led the region to the dispersal of the community, loss of national and religious identity, destruction of social and moral foundation, and domination of illiteracy and poverty.

Tens of thousands have been fleeing to wherever they can in order to escape from danger and fear with their life and dignity, while thousands other have been losing their lives and dignity while fleeing. The diaspora has not stopped yet because the genocidal operation is slow-burning and not yet completed.

Many efforts are being made abroad and no effort is spared by our brothers internationally, like conferences, workshops, forums, articles, news, meetings, lectures, public and special talks, negotiations, dialogues, TV shows, discussions, interviews, seminars, radio broadcastings, as well as urging, threatening, condemning, criticizing, placing sanctions, demonstrations, etc. Seeing these kinds of activities, one may easily think it’s enough to save this tiny minority. Thank you to all.

What's really happening on the ground is a worsening condition day by day. So, a question is occurring to my mind “Will we see a day like people of Aad and Thamood, who are just mentioned in the books of history having no trace on the earth?”

I therefore, believe it is the time to think and act in a different way. If one way is not paying off the expected solution to the problem and I also believe in “Do or Die”.

These people are Rohingya, who's situation has been described with such words as “I thought there could be no other hell” by Yanghee Lee, UN special Rapporteur.

On the 3rd of January, the national day of Rohingya is knocking the door. On this kind of noble occasion, people normally show their culture or enjoy to see other peoples culture. But I am very unfortunate and sorry that I can offer you nothing but just a question “Will the Ummah really lose its injured part?

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