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To former British Ambassador Derek Tonkin, anti-apartheid was useless, Khmer Rouge officials were "delightful", anti-genocide scholars are "fakes"

You've gotta love former British Ambassador Derek Tonkin!

Genocidal Khmer Rouge chaps were "delightful". 

Berlin Conference organisers are "Fakes".

Apartheid was 'very complex', anti-apartheid activism was useless.

Former British Ambassador Derek Tonkin has shown no conscience, compassion or wisdom, despite his age (almost 90) and Oxford education. 

No wonder Myanmar Governments quote him extensively.

He calls organisers of the upcoming Berlin Conference "fake".

He described Khmer Rouge diplomats who had lunch with "delightful" - despite the deep knowledge of 2 million deaths.

He argued anti-apartheid movement made not the slightest difference.

He described apartheid as "very complex" which only he understood, having been a pro-apartheid British diplomat in Pretoria at its height. 

He wrote a rather nasty blog on his Network Myanmar, a front for commercial advisory work with those interested in doing business with the Burmese military, about the Oslo Conference held at the Norwegian Nobel Institute in May 2015 as "she·nan·i·gans" - dishonest activities.

- Zarni

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