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Military Junta The Great Evil has ensnared Daw Aung San Suu Kyi By PDP

It is certainly the consequences of the actions of the military Junta and their effects on the people that matter. What successive military regimes have done in Burma are incipient great evils of inhumanity, barbarism, with gratuitous acts of murder, torture, rape of women and children. Those people who want to follow Daw Suu in her manifest outrageous betrayal of the people and the 8888 student groups who brought her into the leadership of the NLD are really being opportunistic. These people are suffering from self-deception because they do not have the mental toughness to confront reality particularly since it normally involves the truths they don't want to face. Without the military regime giving up power, foundations of democracy, freedom, a multiparty political process, sound economic policies, underpinned by the Rule of Law are impossible to establish. It is important for people to know that the Nazis evil mindset wrongly believed that their horrible brutal murderous actions against the innocent Jews were not only good but as providing a good foundation for what they saw, as an admirable society that could last a thousand years! This is what the military regime has been doing and trying to create by violence, murder, torture, imprisonment, humiliations in the name of order and building a society over which successive military Juntas and their kith and kin and collaborators will preside. The Junta's answer to these charges are evasion and denial. By evasion you play down your own part, saying you are only obeying orders or you are just a small person, the decision makers are others. In dictatorships, playing only a minor role is equated as playing no role at all. Burma's military dictatorship is one of the greatest evils of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

The successive military regimes denial of brutality, violence against civilians is the raison detre of the dictatorship. By refusing to admit the full appalling brutal reality of the army of crimes against humanity, is a technique they use to distance themselves from their victims, by seeing them as a danger, dehumanise them and to see them as objects rather than people. Self-deception is the collective ruling principle of the military dictatorship, which Daw Suu has swallowed hook line and sinker and has become an accomplice to all the actions of the military dictatorship. She is a tainted politician and is a political harlot selling the people of Burma for the next hundreds of years to the rule of the children and descendants of the military regime, their collaborators, opportunists and foreign outside supporters. 

General Aung San leader of our AFPFL (Anti-Fascist and People's Freedom League), and the PDP (Parliamentary Democracy Party) and the Hero of Burma, was right to warn that "a calamity was about to befall Burma". The people of Burma must pay heed to the Higher Angels warning s and pay reverence to the monks according to the Buddhist religious teaching. Moral evil is what the military Junta does and is doing to the people. Daw Suu's playing down of the evils of the military Junta, is a bizarre rationalisation – evils are evils there is no washing powder in the world that can clean off the blood, muffle the screams of those murdered in cold blood, those tortured to death, of those women and children screaming humiliated to submit to forcible rape, no, no, Daw Suu, you are wrong you have betrayed the people of Burma and those 8888 students who brought you to power. You are now the Champion of military kleptocracy, and the oppression of the people. Daw Suu's democracy deficit is a threat to the future of Burma. She has seamlessly morphed into a tyrant, the evil of dictatorship. 

In the name of General Aung San, 'The Thirty Comrades', ex-Premier U Nu and the President and Ministers of his governments and the 8888 students groups and those who were murdered by military Junta, who courageously rose up against the dictatorship, we call upon the people of all the communities of Burma to totally reject Daw Suu's decision to recognise the fake 2008 Constitution and becoming an ally of the military Junta. We further call upon the people to work together to present a united formidable resistance force and political programme against the military Junta/Suu Kyi alliance of condemning Burma for next hundreds of years to the rule of the children and descendants of the military regime, their collaborators, opportunists and foreign outside supporters. Forward together, we will win and casting the military Junta and Suu Kyi to the dustbin of history. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has said the Government (military Junta) is doing good things and improvements. Are these photographs the good things and improvements? 

Central Committee 
Parliamentary Democracy Party (Burma) 
GHQ (Liberated Area) 
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