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China’s transgression on Rohingyas

A Rohingya refugee woman waits for aid with her daughter along a road in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. (Photo: REUTERS)

Min Khant
RB Opinion
November 22, 2017

The Republic of China becomes a rescuer for Myanmar atrocious military regimes, which have been crushing Myanmar democratic activists since 1988 until today. 

Since 26 August 2017, due to systematic destructions of Rohingyas people villages; inhuman acts of Myanmar forces’ atrocities; villages torching; killing of Rohingyas innocent people; gang-rape of Rohingyas women; throwing of their children to the fire; and forcefully eviction of the villagers by the coordinative act of Myanmar military forces and Rakhine militants. 

Right now, there have been approximately (630,000) of Rohingyas refugees, who have had to abandon their localities and flee to Bangladesh for their temporary survival.

Rakhine militants have been given arms by Myanmar military to kill and loot randomly the innocent Rohingyas’ lives and properties together with Myanmar forces under the request of animal doctor U Aye Maung, the chair of Arakan National Party. 

Because of the global people constant demands to stop the severe violence on helpless Rohingyas and settle down the issue permanently, there had been three-time gatherings in the world UNSC within couple of months to discuss the matter for the last time with the unanimous agreement of the Security Council members. 

Though, the United Nations Security Council is as the final decision maker to handle the issue, it was unable to handle the matter because of the prior green light protest of the Republic of China and Russian Federation in the UNSC.

What a sad fortune of Rohingyas people! Now, the main problem lies on China and Russia, which become the culprits for the Rohingyas’ survival in their ancestral territory of Myanmar. 

To be flourishing democratic system, in Myanmar, which being demanded by the mass people of Myanmar in 1988, the USA and the West collective multiply advocacy in the UNSC have been frequently stopped by both CHINA & RUSSIA in favor of Myanmar regimes.

The Republic of China has been advocating the brutal Myanmar regime that has been committing crimes against multiple ethnic brethrens in the nation as the SAFEGUARD from taking action by the world community who have been championing in regards the human rights promotions in Myanmar due to all ethnic groups. 

Myanmar consecutive military regimes have gotten the CHINA as a giant PAUKPAW brother to protect all Myanmar monstrous regimes, which have been committing crimes on their own people, in the world arena, in response, Myanmar regimes have been rewarding the CHINA the state aboveground and underground resources whatever and whenever CHINA wishes as are fond of it

The wise and intellectuals of some Myanmar expertise thought the CHINA’s haphazard and carelessly taking free-hands advantages in Myanmar’s earth might make worse in the climate transform and environmental explosion that may cause severe natural devastation that may blemish to entire people of the nation. 

Similarly, the state of Myanmar and its leaders have gotten the habits to commit crimes bravely and inconsiderably in the country, and would quickly run to come close to the CHINA to save the criminal officials, taking action them by the world communities. 

China being the giant neighboring and developing country next to Myanmar, and Myanmar is a poor, isolated, and dependable to China in economically and politically, Myanmar market is so small, cheap and ultimately MYANMARESE have to choose just the Chinese out-dated products and commodities. The nation of Myanmar becomes the dumping market for the Chinese so-called products in return the CHINA hag got upper hand without question to exploit all the things in Myanmar through discounted value. All are in double standard dealings because of consecutive Myanmar military leader’s tenacity and nowadays-LAUREATE depressing skillfulness. 

The Myanmar regimes and its military leaders have sold out the nation’s fate and its sovereignty as the state-compensation to CHINA for their intentionally committed crimes On ROHINGYAS for which CHINA has been paying and defending on behalf of Myanmar regime in the world arena. What a beautiful game played by CHINA and MYANMAR at the cost of entire Myanmar people fates and destinies!

Concerning Rohingyas, who are unanimously agreed by the world community as the world longest persecuted minority in Rakhine BUT the CHINA does not recognize the world’s humanitarian investigation. CHINA having the negative view to the reality of Rohingyas, it always stands by the side of Myanmar to show partnership with the criminals who has been cooperatively committing cruelties against Rohingyas innocents. China would have been standing with Myanmar vicious regimes though there have been the bulk of evidences in regards the criminalities of Myanmar forces who committed on hopeless and helpless Rohingyas in the last occurrence. 

The CHINA the world most populous and potential world economic might, having been aggressive to punish the ROHINGYA hand in hand with Myanmar regime, hasn’t stood by the persecuted Rohingyas instead it supports constantly the Myanmar current regime and military unit for their belligerency on the proposal of the world body concerning Rohingyas issues to be settled down. 

Having been failed after multiple negotiations by the world nations in all relevant UN bodies, the world bodies had to bring the ROHINGYA issues to the UNSC table to have unanimous settlement, but the CHINA had shown its prior objections to the proposals. MOREOVER, failing the UNSC’s coming out of undisputed ultimatum to abide by Myanmar, it had only issued the UNSC presidential statement, which is non-binding resolution, to abide by Myanmar regime by the end of November 2017. Again, because of the CHINA’s persistent belligerence to the world UNSC’s continuous & various attempts after having true evidences of Myanmar regime’s cruelties on Rohingyas, the UNSC failed again and again by the stubborn position of the CHINA that wants Myanmar regime to kill all ROHINGYAS at the absence of the world bodies’ action.

Bangladesh and Myanmar are both the partners of CHINA. CHINA has the similar economic strategy in both countries. While the problem of Rohingyas lies between the two partners of CHINA, it stands by Myanmar who oppresses ROHINGYA and the world stands by the oppressed Rohingyas people. CHINA’s views now is to shield Myanmar brutal regime from taking action of the world community’s, and from the other, CHINA wants Bangladesh to accept or strike the agreement between Bangladesh & Myanmar rather than being participated the world communities in the event. In this regards, Bangladesh wanted to participate all relevant parties including CHINA in the event to be witnessing in this time while Myanmar’s regimes behaviors in the previous bilateral agreements had been neglected, failed to abide and stop all wrong-headedness of Myanmar government in future. It has been nothing wrong by Bangladesh.

As a matter of fact, people of Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Rohingyas are under the guardianship of CHINA. What the state of CHINA should stand by and to participate is in the peaceful trilateral agreement in which every concerning party is happy and legitimized to benefit the results that the world communities agree. 

The question now is “Why does CHINA stand by the MYANMAR regime that has been oppressor against the ROHINGYA minority, and stop all attempts of world communities to fulfill the rights of Rohingyas. And at the same time, forcing the BANGLADESH to strike bilateral agreement with Myanmar alone, it seems to get rid of agreement after repatriation of ROHINGYAS, and will punish the ROHINGYA after being repatriated them to their localities, and the ROHINGYAS will leave again to the Bangladesh due to possible aggressions on ROHINGYA Muslims”? 

Why doesn’t CHINA stand by the Bangladesh position to settle down the ROHINGYA issue once and for all? CHINA should not build its dynamic political and economic strength on the lives of ROHINGYAS miserable condition. What the Republic of CHINA should do now is to participate with the world community who has been trying to normalize the rights of Rohingyas and to avoid the future human rights violation by the Myanmar people and that of the regime against vulnerable ROHINGYAS. Now, the people republic of CHINA needs to stop the double standard dealing with the government of Bangladesh and stop the aggression on innocent Rohingyas people.

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