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Myanmar Soldiers Gang Rape A Rohingya Woman In Front Of Her Husband

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December 23, 2016

Maungdaw, Arakan – A Rohingya woman from Myaut Chaung village tract in Northern Maungdaw Towship was gang raped by the Myanmar military in front of her husband.

Today, at 11am on December 23rd 2016, a 55-year-old Rohingya man from Ganda Khali hamlet of Myaut Chaung village tract was working in a paddy field. Whilst he was working, a group of military detained him and beat him severely. Then he was taken to his house and five soldiers raped his 25-year-old wife in front of him, according to a villager. 

After raping the woman, the soldiers took the man to the village administrator's office and released him after extorting 100,000 Kyats from him.

The soldiers also detained another man in the same hamlet, Baesar Ali age 50, son of Mamed Hussein, after they picked him up from the street. They released him after extorting 200,000 Kyats from him.

In addition, on December 22nd 2016, a group of 70 soldiers entered into the same hamlet and kicked out all of the women from their houses. Then they plundered belongings from the houses.

Since October 9th 2016, at least 300 Rohingya women and girls have been raped by Myanmar soldiers and Border Guard Police, many of them gang raped. However, the Myanmar government continues to deny that any rapes are taking place despite mounting evidence.

(The name of the man and his wife have been left out for their safety and dignity).

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