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Locals say Murder of Nga Khu Ra Villager who talked with media is Government Assassination

RB News 
December 23, 2016 

Maungdaw, Arakan – Residents in Nga Khu Ra village tract , Northern Maungdaw Township, say that the murder of a local man was part of an orchestrated plan by the government. 

U Dus Mohammed, who also goes by the name Shuna Miah, son of U Bozu Zama, from the middle hamlet of Nga Khu Ra village tract, spoke with Myanmar’s handpicked media team on the 21st of December. After that night he was reported missing. In the morning on the 22nd of December his body was recovered after it was found floating in a stream in Doe Tan Village, close to his village. The body was found decapitated and “cut into parts.” 

The 41 year old Dus Mohammed worked as a teacher and taught a private class. Before the riots in 2012 Dus Mohammed was said to have worked closely with local authorities, but since the violence broke out has not been known to work with them in any capacity, according to one of his pupils. 

After speaking to reporters on the 21st of December Dus Mohammed was said to have gone to a local bar with his Rakhine friends in Nga Khu Ra market, where they had drinks together. A local named Hala Miah witnessed Dus Mohammed at the bar, having also gone with them for drinks, but Hala Miah left the gathering before Dus Mohammed who remained and continued drinking, according to winesses.

“Certainly this is a plan by the Government. Local authorities coached him in advance of how to speak to reporters, and he knew if he didn’t do as they told him he would be arrested. So he told reporters what the authorities instructed him to say, then when he was murdered everyone believes the villagers who disagree with him were the ones who killed him. Also it is written well, making up Government news. The truth is that he has been missing since being with a group of Rakhine friends. He was one of the few drunkard Rohingya men.” A villager told RB News

“An important point is that previously in the murder case of 22-year-old Mohammed Anos, whom was shot to death by the Border Guard Police; Dus Mohammed was a complainant in that case and testified against the police. It was said that the BGP officer who shot Muhammed Anos was found guilty and sentenced. We think that is the reason Dus Mohammed was strangled. The Government now can say Rohingya killed him for taking government side, and also kill him after he testified against police. It is just killing two birds with one stone. Its very surely a government plan,” the villager added. 

Nevertheless, Rohingya nearby say no one even scolded Dus Mohammed for meeting with the reporters who visited Northern Maungdaw during the past couple of days. Most Rohingya have said the have not met with these reporters because they do not trust them.

Additional reporting by MYARF.

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