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Unpublished Interview with INGO Staff on Real Rakhine Situation: by Thazin Pan Khine News Journal

The follow interview was originally conducted and published in Burmese language by the Thazin Pan Khaine News Journal. Later, it was published by the media for reasons best known to them. Original link to the interview here:

By Aung Myint Thu (Man Aung)
Tazin Pann Khine, August 29, 2017

"We INGO are not fleeing from Maungdaw. If the government did not order us to return, we wish to stay there. No part of Rakhine is lost yet as people say it would be. There is no terrorist group as people say." 

Q- Andrew Kyleriley,  we saw that you guys were fleeing from Maungdaw. Can you let us know about the situation? 

Andrew - No! We were not fleeing. The government told us there we could not live, if not we wish to stay there. As people think, there is no terrorism. I think it has happened because of no human rights in there. 

Q- So, is not ARSA a terrorist?

A- ARSA says they have responsibility. They have already stated in social media. They have already told they attacked the police check posts. But they do not attack the civilians. 

Q- In last month, Myo ethnic people were killed. That day, Hindus were killed. Do you know that? 

A- I do not know. It could but very few be included during the attacks. 

Q- There are video files that ARSA collects the children and train them like to terrorize. Do you know that? 

A- I have not found that. I want to ask you is 'Why are you asking about the killing of those few people only'. There are many people have been killed from them. But you do not ask more about them. 

Q- That day, police check posts were attacked in the same. How do you think about that? 

A- Just around (30) police check posts. But there are many check posts. Now, around (30). ARSA takes the responsibility of attacking the check posts. They have no plan to attack the civilians. I totally disagree for any terrorism. But they are not terrorist group. 

Q- UN has been working for these issues by pitching up. Why does that group that says they are Rohingya become so popular in the world? Are they the most miserable human beings? 

A- Who suffers in Myanmar like them? I want to ask that question. Come to see. How they are friendly! They never make violences. Let's say about the boy who comes my office! He says there is no right of movement for him like Rakhine People. Moreover, no right for education. He says he does not know what he can. 

Q- Why are the indigenous people in Myanmar afraid of that terrorists? Do you think it is because of religion? 

A- Some could be of religion. However, they are not able to attend a good school like you. No good hospitals. No education. They are very miserable people. 

Q- Andrew, do you know that there are issues of many children giving birth? All say that a family has many children. 

A- That is their choice how many children they wish to give birth. That's human rights. They give birth as many as they wise. Is not that? 

Q- How do you think of new people coming from Bangladesh? 

A- Why do the people come from Bangladesh? How do they come to there where there are killing? No one comes from Bangladesh. 

Q- Andrew, it is heard that your America reduces the supports to UN. During this current American government. So, do you think Islamic countries support more to UN in that situation? 

A- American is continuously supporting. I did not hear that news. 

Tazin Pann Khine- Such thoughts are quite different with what Myanmar people think. So, we'll post it for Myanmar people how the ones like Andrew who work for INGO think about that. 

Andrew- Thank you. I have a thing to add. I totally disagree for any terrorism. But what is happening now in Rakhine is not like the terrorist group what the government say. 

# It is the interview with Andrew at Myay Ni Gone (Yangon) on 28 of August. The reason to start the interview is from seeing the banner of "No Human Rights for Terrorists", a collection for Rakhine Indigenous Victims . Andrew saw the texts in the banner and took pictures. And he told Tazin Pann Khine Journey that he does not agree with that and there are no terrorists in Rakhine. It is the facts of one-hour-long interview with him.

Translated by RB Team.

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