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Updates: Into Fifth Day of Military Offensives on Rohingya Population in Northern Arakan

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August 29, 2017

We are today into the fifth day of the Myanmar military's full blown offensives on the Rohingya population across Northern Arakan. What we have been witnessing since August 25 are widespread arson attacks on Rohingya villages, horrific massacres and summary excutions of (Rohingya) civilians and unimaginable horrors of countless atrocity crimes.

Below are the reports we have recieved so far on the fourth day (August 29, 2017).

1- 8:30am 29/8/2017: The Myanmar military carried out mass summary executions of 130 Rohingya men between the age of 10 and 90.l at 'Maung Nu' hamlet of 'Chin Thama' village in Buthidaung on 27th August 2017.

The dead bodies were taken away to their Battallion Base at the Chin Thama village after the summary executions. And More than 60 women were moslested and their jewelries and money were looted by the military.

2- 8am 29/8/2017: Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists continue to set fire on 'Koe Tan Kauk,' 'Tha Wan Chaung' & 'Inn Din' in Rathedaung.

Most Rohingya villages and communities have already been ethinically cleansed up by Myanmar army in Rathedaung Township. Yes, right before your eyes!

3- 8:30am 29/8/2017: Myanmar military have set fire on 'Zin Paing Nya' in Northern Maungdaw since this early morning. The Rohingya village still continues to flame!

4- 8:30am 29/8/2017: Rakhine extremists continue to threaten Rohingya residents at 'MyoOo' village, Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 in Maungdaw downtown that they will burn down their homes. The Rakhine extremists and Buddhist monks have been attempting to expel from their homes since last night.

The reason why the Rakhine extremists havent set fire on their homes yet seems these Rohingya homes are located mixed with Rakhine homes.

5- 10am 29/7/2017: The Myanmar military continue arson attacks on South hamlet of 'Kyi Kan Pyin' village in Northern Maungdaw.

6- 12:30pm 29/8/2017: Myanmar military and Rakhine began arson attacks on 'Tharay Kone Baung' Rohingya village in southern Maungdaw.

7- 1pm 29/8/2017: The Myanmar Government is evacuating only Rakhine civilians, not Rohingya villagers, from 3-mile-area in Maungdaw and transporting them to Buthidaung downtown.

The Rohingya villagers left behind are now extremely terrified of large-scale arson attacks and mass-killings by the Myanmar military.

8- 1:30pm 29/8/2017: 'Chein Khali' Rohingya hamlet of 'Alay Than Kyaw' village in Southern Maungdaw was set ablaze by the Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists.

9- 3pm 29/8/2017: During the arson attacks by Myanmar military on 'Myo Thu Gyi' village in Maungdaw,10 elderly Rohingya men were burnt to death


11- 5pm 29/8/2017: Summary Executions

Over 100 Rohingya children and women were slaughtered by the Myanmar military at 'Byu Ha Hmuu' in 'Alay Than Kyaw' in Southern Maungdaw.

12- 7pm 29/8/2017: Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists set fire on Rohingya homes Quarter 5 (Ywa Thik Ke Ywa) in Maungdaw downtown since 5pm.

[Pic: scene seen from far]

13- 9pm 29/8/2017: Eastern Rohingya hamlet of Quater 5 in Maungdaw downtown has been set ablaze by Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists. It continues to burn.

To be updated as news breaks....

[Reported by RB Correspondents in Northern Arakan; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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