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Myanmar Combined Armed Group Kills At Least 19 Rohingya By Saying Will Keep Kill Until International Community Come And Rescue

RB News 
November 25, 2016 

Maungdaw, Arakan – Sin Thay Pyin hamlet in Laung Don village tract and Pan Myaung hamlet in Nga Sar Kyu village tract were surrounded by a group of 500 Myanmar Military soldiers, paramilitary and Border Guard Police (BGP) on November 25th. The combined forces attacked the village resulting in 19 Rohingya being killed and several injuries, according to locals. It was also reported that women were raped in the attack. 50 villagers were also reportedly arrested in the assault on the village. 

On November 25th, 2016 at 2AM a group of 500 soldiers, paramilitary and BGP surrounded Sin Thay Pyin hamlet in Laung Don village tract and Pan Myaung hamlet in Nga Sar Kyu village tract. The combined forces were reported firing continuously on the villages from 5AM in the morning, and at least 19 villagers were killed. Most of the dead bodies were removed by the forces, according to locals. 

Many children and some elderrly were injured in the attack. Reportedly many women were raped at this time as well, and at least 50 men who were unable to escape the village were arrested and detained arbitrarily. 

One man who was able to escape said he witnessed many people slaughtered. 

At 12PM the forces brought a group of Na Ta La villagers (Ethnic Burmese relocated in Rakhine) from Zaydi Pyin village which is the nearest Buddhist area near where the incident had occurred. The Ta La villagers were given the dead bodies to bury there. 

The Na Ta La villagers dug a hole near a sand bank located on the eastern side of Sin Thay Pyin hamlet, an eyewitness told RB News. Some of the bodies were seen thrown into a stream located between Sin Thay Pyin Hamlet and Pan Myaung hamlet, the same villager added. 

Despite the dange in recovering the bodies some villagers took the risk and were able to recover a few of the bodies, though most were taken away by the Na Ta La villagers. 

A young girl who is a grade one student was injured. Four people including the girl were considered to be in critical condition after the attack, and due to lack of access to medical treatment or aid their conditions are worsening, according to villagers.

During the assault many women were reported as having been raped, and three women who were considered attractive were taken away by soldiers to the forest and their condition and whereabouts are still unknown. 

A man who escaped the fighting and round ups said “They rounded us up at 2AM. They fired continuously from 5AM. We had to run away to survive. By 12 in the afternoon I was unable to call my own home. My family’s phone has been shut off and I can’t reach them any more. Now I am seeing dead bodies being taken from the village, I saw four dead bodies floating in the stream.” 

Perveen Fatima d/o Khairul Amin (7-year-old) and Sayedul Amin s/o Shukur Ahmed (13-year-old) are among the injuried people. 

Nurul Amin s/o Shukur Ahmed, Jahangirl s/o Molvi Zafor, Molvi Mustafa Kamal s/o Abdul Shukur and Nur Kamal s/o Salim were among those who were killed in the attack. 

The body of Jahangir was covered with hay by soldiers, and the villagers were able to collect his body to return it for burial. There were reportedly six more bodies recovered, but at he time of this writing the villagers monitoring these events had their phone shut off. 

A Maungdaw based Human Rights watchdog said, “Initially I was able to contact the villagers who were trapped in their villages, but since this afternoon their phones are all turned off. When I was able to talk with them they said a group of combined police, paramilitary and military were killing the people and telling them that they should ask the United Nations, OIC, or international protesters to rescue them they would then kill the Kalar (derogatory term for Rohingya) until they arrive. Some villagers who escaped said they saw dead bodies being pulled out from the eastern side of the village. They said they saw some bodies floating in the water between Sin Thay Pyin and Pan Myaung as well. The villagers added that some women had been taken to the forest and it drew concern they may be abused or raped by soldiers. Many people were injured during the day, including a seven year old girl. The military, paramilitary and BGP are believed to still be inside the villages at this time. The attacks today indicate that security forces have very little concern about the international community. They continue to behave with impunity and disregard any human rights concerns. They carry on killing while many are holding protests for us. It is like the international community can not save us. They [Security forces] are doing this to make us leave the country,”

Report contributed by MYARF.

Sayed Amin (13-year-old)

Jahangirl - killed by security forces and covered his dead body with hay

Lack of medical treatment he died in the evening.

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