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Sacrificed His Life And Kept Believing His Own Religion Continuously: Maung Aye Htun (alias) Abdul Munaf

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November 25, 2016

Maung Aye Tun, son of U Htu Aung Zan, was a Rakhine Buddhist who reverted to Islam 25 years ago, before the time of the Na Sa Ka border guard. He changed his name to Abdul Munaf after embracing Islam.

His profession was working as a hired farmer in Yay Khae Chaung Khwa Sone village tract. He was married to a Rohingya woman, and stayed with her until his last breath. After he was married he was blessed with eight children, six boys and two girls.

Though Maung Aye Htun, whose Muslim name was Abdul Munaf, was an Indigenous Rakhine, he was not allowed to hold a National Scrutiny Card (Pink card), but instead had to hold a Temporary Identity Card (White card). The Immigration department described both of him and his children as Rakhine-Bengali on their documents. 

Abdul Munaf’s house was in the West Hamlet of Yay Khae Chaung Khwa Sone and his eldest son lived in Gonenarr Hamlet in Yay Khae Chaung Khwa Sone, Abdul Hashim ran a shop in the Middle Hamlet of Yay Khae Chaung Khwa Sone where he sold rice, salt, kerosene and petrol along with food.

On the 12th of November 2016 bad luck and darkness came int their lives as the military shot continuously in their village. Bullets hit Abdul Hashim in the neck and waist. The entire village was on fire when the military set the houses on ablaze. Both houses were burnt along with their belongings in the fire, which is estimated to be worth more than 7.5 million Kyat.

Then homeless the family of Abdul Munaf took refuge in Yay Dwin Kyun village tract on the 13th of November. The military then ordered a raid on Yay Dwin Kyun village tract and Abdul Munaf was arrested along with 16 Rohingyas who were rich and well educated. They were taken to the regional police station in Nga Ku Ra, then later kept in custoy at Ywet Nyo Taung police post.

When Abdul Munaf’s brother, who is a Buddhist Rakhine fom Kan Pyin village tract, became aware his brother was in police custody he went to the police post and explained to the military that that Abdul Munaf was his brother, and ethnic Rakhine who converted to Islam. After speaking to his brother the police asked that Abdul Munaf disavow his religion and become Buddhist again. They threatened to kill Abdul Munaf if he didn’t convert, but him a new home if he did. Abdul Munaf refused to denounce his religion at any cost. They burnt his beard and tortured him until he went unconscious, then threw him on the side of the road near police post 12, thinking he was dead. 

Some of the other men who were arrested were released on the same day at 12 PM and saw Abdul Munaf on their way back home. They caried him back to Yay Dwin Kyun village tract.

The 55 year old man didn’t get a chance to receive any medical treatment. Nevertheless Abdul Munaf accepted al these cruelties against him rather than denounce his religion. He died from his injuries on Friday November 18th 2016 at 7AM and was burried by the villagers at 2pm in Yay Dwin Kyun village tract.

Report contributed by MYARF.

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