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BMA vehemently condemn the statement of Al Qaeda leader

BMA vehemently condemn the statement of Al Qaeda leader

Date: September 5, 2014

Burmese Muslim Association vehemently condemns the statement of the Al-Qaeda leader who threatened Burma in his latest video. BMA also condemn the terrorist group called, ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, whose inhumane actions are totally contrary to Islamic beliefs and teachings. The marginalised minority Muslims in Burma will never accept any help from a terrorist organisation, which is in principle a disgrace and morally repugnant.

Muslims are fully integrated into the fabric of Burmese society and belong and support the Burmese Nation. The Burmese Muslims will not tolerate any threat to its motherland. The Muslims in Burma have proved their loyalty to the country throughout the history of Burma with exceptional bravery and with tremendous courage.

According to the peaceful teachings of Islam, we do not believe that violence is the solution, whenever peaceful measures are feasible, because it makes the situation worse. Burma already bore the brunt of the world’s longest civil war, and now is the time to reform our beloved country meaningfully and inclusively, to become a democratic nation that is peaceful and prosperous. We believe in peaceful coexistence for all, and to ensure peace the Burmese government needs to respect human rights and especially needs to protect religious and ethnic minorities who in turn will support the Burmese government.

We are also concerned with the silence of the religious organisations and political parties in Burma because, while hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Burma are facing ethnic cleansing, paradoxically they are at the forefront condemning the oppressed Muslims. Certainly, the Burmese government should also stop supporting extremist Buddhist organisations that are promoting anti-Muslim hatred, and should take actions against state and non-state actors that are involved in anti-Muslim pogroms and persecutions. 

We would like to urge the international community to put effective pressure on the Burmese government to stop supporting the extremist groups in Burma, and to stop hate speech against the minority Muslims. At the same time we would like to assure the international community of our full cooperation in preventing the poisonous ideology of Al Qaeda and other extremist ideology from spreading into our community. However, in this we need the support and cooperation of the international community. 

Burmese Muslim Association

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