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Hegemony And Bullying Against Unarmed And Innocent Muslims In Myanmar

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Saif Ali Khan
RB Opinion 
July 4, 2014

It is regrettable and inexcusable regarding the irresponsible behavior of Buddhists and the Myanmar government against Muslims in Burma which should be reprimanded and taken severe action against the perpetrators. They are on a killing spree in Mandalay, the second largest city after Yangon. Now the violence has spread to the outskirts of Yangon and Pathein (Bassei). This is total Anarchy. Hegemony and bullying against unarmed and innocent Muslims. Muslims are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect ISLAM and fellow Muslims. We Muslims are not cowards because we deem it to be our right of self- defense. This is the sacred and holy month of Ramadan i.e., a Month of Fasting. Every Muslim must abstain from food and water and avoid from sin and evil. Needless to say, we have to pray five times facing Mecca. The last prayer being performs after 08:30 local time. 

Since the government has deliberately imposed curfew to prevent us from going to the mosque and performing our prayers in congregation, we don't have the right to perform our "Tarabi" salaat. Is this religious freedom in the name of so called security? This is the Master Plan of the 969 "Face of Buddhist Terror" as the TIME magazine has named him and the State sponsored terrorism by the ruling party. We Muslims are always the victims of their annihilation. The International Community has witnessed this in the past, time and again. If they want to build a case against a Muslim they always use the weapon of rumours of rape in order to justify their crime. The 969 Mastermind monk, Wirathu is spreading flames of Hatred against the Muslims. Hate and anger escalated after Wirathu accused a Muslim of rape in his Facebook calling the government to respond to the so called Muslim Jihadis. All rubbish. All the violence happened in the vicinity of monk Wirathu in Mandalay. 

The government and the International community have done nothing to stop the carnage from happening. To seek a sustainable solution to this religious violence that started in West Arakan with the Rohingya Muslims from June 2012 until now, that 150,000 Rohingyas were homeless and thousands killed in their homes attacked by the Rakhine Buddhist terrorists under the eyes of the security forces. Their homes torched and killed. Placed in the IDP camps and "Concentration camps” without food, fresh water and medicine. Some got killed in the sea seeking a safe haven in small boats where some became victims of human trafficking. Where is Justice for the Rohingyas and the Muslims in Myanmar? Where is the United Nations and where is the International community who are ready to give lip-service and shed crocodile tears. And our OIC that had tried to help us but to no avail. The where are these people supposed to go and where shall they turn for help. This is full Anarchy. Hegemony and sheer bullying of the strong against the weak. STOP THE INJUSTICE NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.!!!

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