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#Black4Rohingya: International campaign commemorates second anniversary of mass violence against Rohingya

RB News
June 13, 2014

On June 13th 2014 the South African based awareness group Protect the Rohingya launched a campaign commemorating the second anniversary of violence against Rohingya and to show international solidarity with them as they have remained subject to continued attacks by both extremist mobs and government forces, all while under blockade of food and medicine and large portions of the population are locked away in camps. The campaign asked for participants to wear black to display their solidarity with Rohingya, and to post their pictures on social media to help draw attention to cause. On Twitter and Facebook people from around the world participated, and perhaps in some small way were able to express that the Rohingya were neither forgotten nor abandoned, even as the governments of the world drag their feet. Protect the Rohingya highlights it’s origins in South Africa as cause to respond to racism, apartheid, and oppression wherever it may exist in the world.

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