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Intl. community mum on Muslims massacres: Report

May 5, 2014

A new Press TV report criticizes the international community’s silence over the massacre of Muslims in many countries, including Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the Central African Republic.

The Sunday report highlighted the recent barbaric massacre of Muslims across the violence-wracked northeastern state of Assam in India, where members of a faction of the National Democratic Front of Bodoland killed tens of Muslims.
“They made everyone stand on the riverside and shot at them, they were around thirty to forty people, the attackers held guns in their hands and their faces were covered in black fabric,” a Muslim Indian woman, who was injured during the attack, said.

The report also emphasized on the long persecution of Muslims in Myanmar by Buddhist extremists. The Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar has faced torture and repression since Myanmar’s independence in 1948.

Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims have been killed and wounded in months of violence in the country. Thousands of others have been forced to flee their homes.

Buddhist extremists are also committing atrocities against Muslims in Sri Lanka, the report said. It also showed footage of Muslims fleeing violence in the Central African Republic.

The report underlined the United Nations’ failure to make any tangible measures to stop attacks against Muslims. It also urged the UN Security Council to issue a binding resolution to stop crimes against Muslims.

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