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Myanmar Muslim refugees facing extreme hardship in India

By Munawar Zaman
Press TV
May 5, 2014

It’s been three years since Mohamad Haroon has fled his home country, Myanmar, fearing for his life. He’s among several thousands of Rohingya Muslims who have made their way to India. But, their voices remain unheard as they continue to suffer from extreme poverty, amid an ongoing silence by the international community.

Haroon along with a number of Rohingya families are camping on the outskirts of the capital Delhi. Most of them are taking menial jobs for living. Others depend on charity, as it’s difficult for them to find a job. The hardship faced by the Rohingya refugees seems to be so severe that even the aid program by the U-N refugee agency can not alleviate. The refugees have been forced to leave their home land, Myanmar to flee an ongoing violence against Muslims there. Many see the unrest as an ethnic cleaning backed by the Myanmar government. Social Activists in India are urging the United Nations to immediately provide humanitarian relief for these Rohingya refugees who are stateless and plagued with extreme destitution. They say Myanmar's government must help stop the massacres and persecution of Muslims.

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