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Press Release of Rohingya association based in Netherlands on recent attacks in Duchiradan

Amsterdam, 31st January 2014


BRCNL strongly condemns the recent violence against Rohingyas in Duchiradan of Maungdaw, Arakan State orchestrated by members of RNDP (Rakhine Nationalities Development Party), ALA (Arakan Liberation Army) and Burmese Security Forces, which includes killings, arbitrary arrests, rape, lootings and burnings and painfully mourns for the loss of innocent lives and expresses the deepest condolence to the families of the victims. BRCNL stands by the families of the victims and the communities those have been being victimized in Burma. And BRCNL will keep fighting for the rightless, powerless Muslims in Burma, particularly for Rohingyas.

BRCNL calls for the government of Burma to;

i. Stop the genocide against Rohingya, organized killings and severe violence against Muslims and Kachins in Burma, and enforce law and order for the security of all ethnicity and faith throughout Myanmar, and accept international investigation in massacre of Duchiradan as called by US,

ii. Let the aids of International NGOs reach to the Camps, IDPs, and rehabilitate the Rohingyas, revise 1982 law and grand full-fledged citizenship to Rohingyas,

iii. Ban RNDP and bring Mr. Aye Maung, the leader of RNDP and his fellows to the justice,

iv. Banish ALA and bring members of ALA to the justice, and

v. Ban 969 group, neo-Nazi “Buddhist” Nationalist movement and bring Monk Wirathu and his fellows to the justice, and shut down all shops, stores that instigate hatred by selling relevant books, cds, leaflets, magazines and etc.

Meanwhile, BRCNL condemns the soft-soft policies of EU, UK, US and UN in dealing with the problem of Rohingya, are responsible for the atrocities of Rohingyas.

The primary purposes among many of the United Nations are to safeguard fundamental human rights disregarding race, religion, color and origin, and to maintain peace and security among nations regardless of geographical and regional boundary. These are also clearly rectified in Article 1-30 under Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Section 217 (III) International Bill of Human Rights. The BRCNL regretfully but respectfully expresses that

UN and leading countries do not uphold and respect the declared Charters set-forth during its foundation while dealing with the problem of Rohingyas.

Rohingya is a group of peace-loving people residing in their ancestral homeland presently known as Arakan, western part of Burma. They have been historically and geographically inhabitants of the aforementioned soil long before Burmese annexation in 1784 wherein they are now branded as homeless, landless, stateless and most astonishingly nationless people in other term “Asian Gypsy”. They have been dispossessed and denied every right and any right from citizenship to movement wherein systematically confined within village or within internally displaced camps similar to Nazi concentration camps.

The oppression and suppression have been tremendously multiplied on civilian Rohingyas since outbreak in June 2012 which has been architected by both Burmese Government and RNDP (Rakhine Nationalities Development Party) to UN Security Council regards it a necessary mean to ensure global peace. Rohingya problem is a case of intolerance and persecution deeply entrenched in “systematic racism” and preoccupation of “Muslim phobia”. Moreover, Burmese Government has rejected the UN resolution which supports the citizenship rights of Rohingyas, has not met the EU resolution with benchmark and has denied the call of US on independent investigation. 

BRCNL, therefore earnestly appeals EU, UK, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Japan and Norway not to engage in trade and arm trainings but to take prompt actions [R2P] for the protection of human beings throughout Burma. And BRCNL urges to probe the Genocide in Burma and punish perpetrators.

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