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Rohingya MP U Shwe Maung To Be Arrested For Speaking Truth To Media

RB News 
February 1, 2014

Naypyidaw – After spreading rumors on social media since Friday morning, a reliable source from Naypyidaw confirmed that U Shwe Maung, Member of Parliament representing Buthidaung township constituency of Arakan state will be arrested on Monday.

RB News learned that MP U Shwe Maung is in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar today. According to parliament schedule he will have to be in Naypyidaw on Monday. 

“I learned from a reliable source in Naypyidaw that the government has arranged everything to arrest MP U Shwe Maung on Monday in Naypyidaw. The government will sue him as he spoke to Democratic Voice of Burma Burmese service that the houses in Duchiradan west hamlet were torched by police.” said a Rohingya activist Nay San Lwin.

MP U Shwe Maung told DVB Burmese that he was reported by villagers that they saw the police set fire to the houses in Duchiradan west hamlet. 

Although Maungdaw township administrator told BBC Burmese that only 16 houses burnt down in reality 22 houses were burnt to ashes. RB News has received the report of how the houses were torched and who saw the incident. Reportedly, an eyewitness, a Rohingya woman Laila was killed the next day. The detailed report will be posted soon on RB website.

  1. Mr. U Shwe Mg has nothing to afraid with the intimidation of Myanmar officials for the truth he exposed on burning Du Cheeradan village where more than 21 houses gone under the fire set fire by the police Luntein on the night of 28 Jan 2014.Before setting fire two polices came riding a motorcycle ,carrying petrol or kerosene bottles at the back of the motorcycle at about 4.30 pm according to witnesses who were watching from a long distance hiding themselves for fear of shooting by the polices.They poured kerosene at day light as there were not a single men at the village and at night they again appeared at the same spot at night
    about 8.30 pm ,they set fire the houses they targeted to burn.But who will risk to probe it as the regime justice is at their gun points.

  2. What a Big Joke. False allegation for the Truth - NO WAY. Pls think before you leap for TRUTH SHALL ALWAYS PREVAIL....... Saif Ali Khan, Hamlet West Arakan. My Ancestral Homeland..

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