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Father & Two Sons Mercilessly Killed By Rakhine Extremists In Rathedaung

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January 19, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan – Father and two sons from Khwa Sone hamlet of Tha Wyn Chaung village tract in Maungdaw township of Arakan state were mercilessly killed by Rakhine extremists at Doon Pike village in Rathedaung township. 

Nurul Amin S/o Amir Hamza (49-years-old) and two sons, Haroon Rashid (21-years-old) and Abdur Rashid (16-years-old) from Households (141), Khwa Sone hamlet of Tha Wyn Chaung village tract in Maungdaw township left from their village on January 7th for fishing in the sea with some fishing nets by a small boat. 

On January 10th they had no more ration while finishing in the sea nearby Chain Kha Li village and Doon Pike village in Rathedaung township. They took some fish for their Rakhine friend, Kyaw Myat Thu, in Doon Pike village and went to his house to ask some rations. Once they met Kyaw Myat Thu, they were warned that it was very dangerous for them as they crossed the village to reach his home. They were warned that they will be killed if the Rakhine group of extremists sees them. 

They were provided some rations by Kyaw Myat Thu. They were attacked by the Rakhine extremist group while in their way back to sea. Although Kyaw Myat Thu had accompanied them and appealed the Rakhines not to kill the father and two sons, they didn’t listen. They first cut the ears and noses of father and two sons and tortured them. Then they killed them mercilessly and tried to burn them. But Kyaw Myat Thu appealed them not to burn the corpses. The murderers decided to throw the bodies into the sea.

On January 11th, the villagers from Chain Kha Li village found the three corpses in the beach of Chain Kha Li. Then the villagers informed the relatives of Nurul Amin to take the corpses. While they prepared to take the corpses, the security forces found them and stopped them. Later the authorities and security forces ordered them to bury the corpses on the beachside of Chain Kha Li and they were forced to do so.

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