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To maintain Rule of Law as pledged by President Thein Sein

(Photo: Eleven Media Group)
Maha Min Khant
RB Article
April 2, 2013 

President Thein Sein and lt- General Ko Ko of Ministry of Home Affairs have already pledged and confirmed stability and peace among communities in their recent respective announcements. if so how and why did the state servicemen and the persons behind secretly set fire the Madarasa which situated in 48th street, Yangon. That means president Thein Sein doesn’t respect his promise or that of the administration is unbelievable and untrustworthy. U Thein Sein government becomes nothing more than a gangsters in the sight of the world with power to punish meaninglessly the innocent people along the country all years round -- to be honest, would you agree to investigate by independent investigation panel to that secret massacre rather than cheating this and that to internal and external medias like before? Or should all Madarasa (religious schools) and Mosques be equipped with night goggle cameras and CCTV cameras to envisage the perpetrators for your credible references in case of need--- Or should Muslims be captivating the responsibilities to take care of themselves by their own-- then what is the use of the government administrative mechanism and its oath … Or intentionally, does this government selectively ignore Muslims' live, property, dignity, livelihood, safety and security--- If so, how does your excellence’s deceitful mission go like this way to bring in the faith of internal and international community' confidence and assurance to invest in this country with your begging money that recently you made up excellent trip along Europe and Australia, … long as the country is in-stable by one way or another, meaning some Rakhine political parties and that of extreme politicians plus disguised monks like Wirathu, and extremists from every corner can freely play or allowed them for dirty games time and again to spoil the calm situation gaining right now, there would not be any social stability among public, incoming foreign investment and heavyweight investors’ trustworthy on our nation. In this regards from the right point of view, please don’t let disguised monks terrorists to hate us; don’t let Rakhine Aye Maung, Aye Chan, and Aye Thar Aung play filthy political games which has been tarnishing our country’s image instead arrest these major culprits and take action bravely as soon as possible. And through these frequent attacks on innocent Muslims in everywhere of the country, I am afraid such an oppression and frustration will force to choose us counterattack, that is why please don’t push us to choose the way to protect ourselves from the open attacks and helplessness, worrying such a way of counterattack will destabilize the country--- and we helpless ordinary and very faithful Burmese Muslims do not want to be the open enemy against Myanmar society to revenge in return what we have been suffering from. 

Government should be responsible all the things happening good or bad without bias, two-faced policies or double standard and propagating the skyful lies via sisterly journals (Eleven Journal is the most worst cheated one), radio and TV, but the government should be helpful and graceful to find out the outstanding results which accepted by all parties—please don’t lay out master plan to hide the truth, don’t defraud more because to cover up a piece of bogus, it should have to bilk millions of bogus-- yet it wouldn't be sure that the truth will coming out as per your scam at last-- Islam is peace, the religion of peace-- please don't let the plight of Myanmar Muslims in the hands of Buddhist terrorists being jeopardized, frustrated and acrimonious—please be reminded that do you (president) remember the words of Aye Maung that once he said that if “the fire from Arakan was transferred or come over to proper Burma like today what has been happening along Pegu Division, then Arakan would become calm” ... Imagine how he has been horrendous with a full fledged architect to tear down the peaceful society of Burmese people-- how, he, a destructive democratic transformation has being carried out by Aye Maung, Aye Chan, Aye Thar Aung, Eleven Journal and other disguised monks like Wirathu who is the most pioneer in this project running forward--how many times you have shifted the timetable to bring the report of Arakan to your table-- again you have set a good time on April 23 which after new year---Is it really your excellence’s honesty?-- it is a big and obvious con again and again and in fact that will smear your all pledges you have made before and how many investigating commissions you have formed as of today to count on the entire destructions which were occurred not only Rakhine state but in Myanmar proper -- Do you remember what did you pledge at the Last UN session before international dignitaries in regards Arakan and its people, then what did you accomplish about that as of today -- but all the time, all your advisors who are very near around you have been the exaggerators of the state affairs—and false propagandists have been putting the country into abyss because they are not aware of 21st century situation—these people should be thrown away soon and the educated scholars who are aware of the all round reality and honest be employed to engineer your administrative mechanism —the current notorious executors near around you are very awful for the country and the administration too-- their manipulated action in president office seems you have decided yourself that you will happily sacrifice your life in terms of many lives fatality and much more things destruction in coming days in this beautiful land—believe it or not -- it has been very obvious that they (Rakhine extremists leaders) are open enemies and destructive forces of the entire Myanmar people who-- all the time have been yearning for peaceful democratic transaction—to restore peace and stability-- the perpetrators, who have been manipulating the state affairs, are to be needed to restrain urgently and arrest and punish under the state rule of law-- whilst all these provocative, rancorous and coordinated perpetrators are controlled by the just government without hesitant, and then I believe the state will become peace and tranquility prevail—without punishing these beasts very soon, it is expected that there would be more jeopardy-- and no one could imagine that the upcoming one sided, pre-planned and communal clashes, which benefits neither the government future plan nor the lives of innocent people of Myanmar. 

We all have composed dream for our nation (to be a peaceful democratic one) and I pray this dream really comes true. 

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