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13 Hafiz Students Killed in Yangon Blazing Conspiracy

(Photo: Eleven Media Group)
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April 2, 2013

Yangon, Myanmar - In a conspired blazing of an Islamic Religious School at 48th Street (Upper Block) in Botataung, Yangon, at 2:45AM this morning, 13 Hafiz (Learners of Quran by-heart) Students got burnt and consequently died. It happened when everybody was sleeping. 

Even though the government and some domestic media are spreading the news that the blaze took place due to the electric wire-shock and over-heating caused by the increase of voltage, according to the escaping students and the eye-witnesses, there was no electricity in the mosque and school area at that time and the school was actually set ablaze. (The school is adjacent to a mosque.) 

Shockingly, Eleven Media Group dominated by some racists had mentioned that “the burning took place due to the electric wire-shock” even before the confirmation of the Electricity Department. 

According to some local residents, five people in a car were seen driving towards the 48th Street at 1:30AM. 

As a teacher from the school came to know that the school was on fire, he started rushing to put off the fire. And he slipped and fell down stepping on kerosene-like-oil spread on the floor. His clothes are still wet with the oil. According to them, it was not an accidental blaze but a conspired one. The electricity transformer at the ground floor of the school only rang alarm much long after the burning had taken place. (Ref: Ye Yint Thit Sar) 

The actual number of the killed students is 13 though it was earlier rumored that 17 students had died. Their dead bodies were taken to hospital. 

A teacher from the school was arrested by Police while he was being interviewed by Media. Though the teacher said that the school was set ablaze using petrol, Police arrested him saying “the burning took place due to the electric wire-shock.” The teacher, too, had got burnt and his clothes were wet with petrol at the time he was arrested. (Ref: Sithu Aung Ibrahim) 

Eye-witnesses said that the clothes of the young students at the relief camps were wet with diesel oil and releasing its smell. (Ref: Kay Te Zat O) 

“Our school was a two-storey building. We didn’t know our school got torched in the beginning and when we came to know, it was on the extreme flame. Therefore, when we rushed and came down, we saw the ground floor was dispersed with petrol. We slipped stepping on the oil and fell down on the floor. We were 70 students in the school and 51 of us managed to come out and escape. We didn’t have any petrol stored in our school. The burning might begin from the shoe-shelf. Our clothes are still having the smell of petrol” said a 15-year-old student to M-Media. 

Besides, according to M-Media news, although there were 3 fire brigades at the burning site, only 1 brigade was putting off the fire. Therefore, people had to force other two to start to put off the fire. The shocking news was that the residents heard the fire-brigade sirens even before the burning had taken place. 

According to the eye-witnesses’ statements on social networking sites, the blaze was not accidental but conspired. The terrorists are now carrying out their destructive operations secretly because local elderly people are hindering them altogether when they (the terrorists) do so openly.

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