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A reminder to Mr. Rick Heizman

Maha Min Khant
RB Article
April 2, 2013

The following is a reminder to Mr. Rick Heizman who has written “History, issues, and Truth in Arakan/Rakhine state, Western Burma.

“After thoroughly reading the entire his editorial, it has been found that it is no different anthology than that of Dr.Aye Chan who has written about Rohingya, who are the ancient people or the earliest settlers of the region than other people, in Arakan state, as influx viruses for ten years ago. 

Aye Chan’s authored influx virus book didn’t gross any international academicians’ interest and appreciation as a book of referable, dependable, identifiable and trustworthy for good reference for international intellectuals and historians. The book is surprisingly disgusting and unacceptable. No one will accept and talk about that but as evil booklet-- because the book is targeted against innocent Rohingyas people, who are the descendents of Indo-Arians and they were all ancient Bengali- their faith was Hinduism -- who were later converted to Islam after 1203CE particularly. 

All prominent authors from international community have unanimous conception that “the inhabitant of Arakan state are Bengali people and before 10th century Arakan was an Indian land with a population of similar to that of Bengal”. We, nowadays Rohingyas people are 200 years earlier settler people than Rakhine Maugh people who believe Buddhism— that Buddhism religion was ours earlier until 1203 CE —later on they (Rohingya) converted to Islam after 1203CE. All international debates and discussions have already proved that Rohingya are neither sneakers, immigrants nor frugal race as accused by U Aye Chan shamelessly. They all concurrently regards Rohingyas are sons of the soil and of course Rakhine Maugh- who are the branch race of Burma and settled in Arakan later. Rakhine people conception is that Rohingya are immigrants who were hired as manual workers by British at British periods and Rakhine Buddhists are as if “sky fallen down race” in Arakan state. 

Recently, date on 09-03-2013, U Aye Chan could not defend himself and he said Rakhine are Rohingyas—what a ridiculous, outlandish and embarrassment from his side being as a Rakhine mulish academic. U Aye Chan is nothing more than a bull chit valueless person among educated guises. 

Anyway, my advice to Mr. Rick Heizman as a Rohingya activist is not to follow the path of fanatic U Aye Chan and other Rakhine hit and miss bogus history makers who do not benefit both communities rather create problem which will devastate entire community in future. 

In Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, there was a ceremony on 9/3/2013 regarding Rakhine History which was sponsored by Aye Chan—Aye Chan said that he is Rohingya and Rakhine are Rohingyas. He could not prove and answer some questions raised by Mr. Htay Lwin Oo in regards Rohingyas spoken words which are used by Rohingya only. Evidently U Aye Chan was visibly defeated in front of the audience and it has been milestone both for Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims that Rakhine could undoubtedly recognize Rohingya that are earlier settler than Rakhine Mongoloid people who are descendant of Bamar tribe.

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