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Update News of Maungdaw Tsp, Arakan (28th October, 2012)

On 28th October, 2012 (i.e. today), in all the ten villages covered by Nasaka Camp (12), under Nasaka Sector (5), Nasaka carried out an activity which is totally unusual and not understandable. The activity is:

- A group of Nasaka went to the village and proceeded to the school where it is located. They also called two to three Rohingyas from the village. Then twelve Nasakas and the forcibly called Rohingyas stood in front of the ‘School Signboard’ and made their guns readily upwards and another Nasaka took photos from several dimensions. Except from the forcibly called Rohingyas, no villagers were allowed either to see or to approach to the very location.

Now, all the villagers are really worried for the activity and hoping something wrong will be coming soon against the Rohingya villagers.

The report is compiled as to an eyewitness of a said village.

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