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Heart-Broken news received from the ground of Arkan State

October 29, 2012

Heart-Broken news received from the ground of Arakan State on 28-10-2012 [at Amsterdam Time 04 pm]

On a Phone conversation with a Rohingya resident, U Saw Pay from Kyauk Phyu who is currently residing in one of the camps in Sittwe told that while they (21 boats loaded with full of Rohingyas where pregnant women, aged disabled women and men, children and babies ) were trying to escape from the massacre by Rakhines, Lontin(Riot Police) and police forces, 14 boats out of 21 could approach to the shore of Sittwe after 2 days journey by sea with the help of Turkish NGOs who convinced local authorities (military) in Sittwe to give protection to the people. Other 7 boats were taken away by Myanmar Navy. It is unknown where these seven boat people of Rohingyas said by U Saw Pay.

U Saw Pay said that they were on the boat in the sea for 5 days without food and among them were pregnant women. There were deaths of babies and mothers during and after delivery in the boat as there were no proper care to them in the boat. The military threw the dead bodies into the sea in front of their very eyes.

On behalf of those Kyauk Phyu’s and other afflicted Rohingyas in Arakan,U Saw Pay urged 2 request to Rohingyas and International communities around the world; 1. To take an urgent action to protect the remaining innocent people in Arakan. 2. Or pray for them to die quickly.

On another Phone conversation with another resident of Arakan, Nu Nu Yin (a Rakhine Ethnic woman) from Kyauk Ni Maw who currently in Kyauk Ni Maw told that Rohingyas in Kyauk Ni Maw have decided not to run away from their ancestral homeland and they will defend themselves with what they have until their last breath from any attack either by gun or lethal weapons.

It is reported from the ground also that A Rohingyas woman daughter of U Chit Tin named Thida, 38 years, owner of Thida Book Store from Than Phan Chaung was taken away by Army and still no information from her whether she is alive or dead.

A Rakhine Ethnic youth named Kyaw kyaw reported that the attackers are not local Rakhine from Kyauk Phyu but they were brought to attack from another region.

In Pike Seik Quarter in Kyawk Phyu , 100 Rohingyas died while they were defending the destruction of an Old Mosque by the Rakhine terrorist group and a few, numbering around 6 Rakhine Terrorists also lost their lives during the attacks.

In a phone talk with a Journalist, “the Western countries focus on democracy transition rather than the attack against Rohingyas. Western countries are really thinking of seizing (power again by military) business opportunities in Myanmar” according to the journalist.

The Journalist analyzed that this is a violence, it is not a Genocide against Rohingya! Journalist asked the question why there is Buddhist casualties also, including deaths? Explanation to the question is that Rohingyas are armless even to defend themselves, everything including a small knife is being taken away by Burmese Authorities. When you are in a position to defend yourself desperately there are of course casualties, but very less. The casualties of Rakhines are countable and very few and Rohingya’s uncountable.

I really emphasized that it is a clear State-organized Genocide against Rohingya in Arakan. Otherwise Burmese Government could have stopped this from the very beginning.

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