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Government backed Buddhists keep burning Muslim villages and destroying their mosques in Myanmar

In Myanmar, government backed Buddhists keep burning Muslim villages and destroying their mosques, Press TVreports.

Press TV has a conducted an interview with a Press TV correspondent in Rakhine State of Myanmar to further discuss the issue.

Press TV: First of all tell us what you have been seeing there where you are. Of course the reports that we are getting about villages being burned down, mosques being burned down exclusively what you have been telling us from what you have been seeing on the ground, so do tell us the details?

Press TV reporter: Well essentially I want to tell you about these camps. I went to a camp this morning where about 40,000 people were injured. Now, there is enough food in this camp, enough food to survive, but they are very low on medical supplies. One man there since the camp started 40 days ago has seen that many children have died from preventable diseases since the camp started. I saw one child in very bad condition. He was ill from diarrhea-related illness, now he is being carried by his father and he is unable to walk.

So the situation is pretty dire in this camp particularly with the lack of medical supplies. We have to also remember that this camp that I was allowed to get into is probably one of the best camps in one of the best conditions. The Turkish ambassador was allowed in yesterday and there was also the vice president of Indonesia and some UN organizations allowed in today.
So the military is very tightly controlling what they and we are allowed to see... In other camps which are there many, tens of thousands of course Muslims that have been displaced - In these other camps the conditions are far, far worse.

In regards to the violence, you were talking about the violence... Inside this camp ... (lost connection)

Press TV: You have also been telling us that only 6,000 out of 70,000 Muslims who were in the city of Sittwe remain there. Tell us what happened to the rest of them?

Press TV reporter: Well, there were 70,000 Muslims that used to be here, now 6,000 remain. In no uncertain terms this is ethnic cleansing. I’ve seen the villages that have been burnt myself; they’ve been completely razed to the ground - we’re talking about a square kilometer of villages. A number of pieces of land, a square kilometer I can see have been completely destroyed by the military, by the government as well as the police together, burn down villages...


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