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Most of ASEAN regimes and Myanmar are different posts of the similar clay

Rohingya refugees who crossed the border from Myanmar a day before, wait to receive permission from the Bangladeshi army to continue their way to the refugee camps, in Palang Khali, near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh October 17, 2017. REUTERS/ Zohra Bensemra

Min Khant
RB Opinion
February 11, 2018

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), which was first, established in 1967 and with the last entrant-nations: Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia in the year 1997 and then becoming a ‘TEN countries BLOCK’ is said the region of 550 million people who with different faiths and unusual values to dealing with regional and world community. 

Every country is with each policy to maintain its relations with esteemed country. None of those countries is well known among world community due to practicing the democracy and respecting the human rights of its own people rather the entire block (ASEAN) will end up to summarize the BULLIED declaration of respective chair-ship of the ASEAN tenure to favored nation’s cruelties against its minority. 

The parable is the last December 2017 declaration made by ASEAN Chair the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte due to Rohingyas massacres & nightmares, which are well recorded via satellite imageries, hand phones videos shots by the Rohingyas runners and at last by the extraordinary efforts of two Reuter’s reporters, arrested by Myanmar authorities now. 

Daw Suu Kyi was advised by Duterte _ who is facing now the investigation by the international criminal court _ not to care the world’s criticism of Myanmar’s Military BRUTALITES on ordinary Rohingya targeted by the order of S. General Min Aung Hlaing whom the state Counsellor Daw Suu Kyi has been shielding from the world community’s harsh criticism. 

The ASEAN’s policy of non-interference in internal matter of one another nation is likened by Myanmar brutal regime after regime to stay within ASEAN community without much annoyance. 

Since 1990-2017, Myanmar has been the survival moments of succeeding regimes from the economic sanctions, imposed by the west. 

To exploit the least & endurance advantages via state to state economic institution particularly with Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and the dynamic die-hard & Buddhist-minded nations; Laos, Cambodian and Vietnam as the same last entrants to the ASEAN business CLUB. 

Myanmar carefully maintains through the dynamic relationships with the die-hard nations to be the allies to stand by the side of Myanmar in need of help in ASEAN and UN. 

Now, Myanmar thinks the giant People Republic of CHINA, the second most world populous INDIA and the third largest economic might JAPAN, culturally dominated South Korea, and the ASEAN nations are too much enough to survive in economy rather than to have good relationship with the west, USA and others which have been advocating due to Myanmar’s in time democratization, led by Daw Suu Kyi. Those nations have been crying out to protect the minorities and demanding the international investigations into the brutal massacres on Rohingyas, and scorch-earth policy campaigns against Kachin, Karin and Shan and other people across the nation.

Rohingyas Muslims have been clogged up in their localities in Rakhine state north and central since 1990. 

All their rights, which had been rendered before 1990 have been stripped off by the military regime that commenced since 1990. 

Rohingyas have never ever shown any of their collective opposite sentiments against the government’s harsh atrocities. They have been in great patience without complaint in both Rakhine brutal authorities and military. 

Having seen all these merciless dealings on innocent Rohingyas by the world community, the innocent Rohingyas’ suffering have been dubbed as “Rohingyas are the most persecuted people in the world” by the United Nations organization. 

The ARSA attacks on so-called police out-posts in October 2016 and August 2017 are “a load of bullshit dirty policy” of the ruling government and Senior General Min Aung Hlaing to get hold of “a lame excuse” to exterminate Rohingyas completely from their localities. 

Authorities’ confiscated so-called ARSA terrorists’ weapons, which have been shown through all kinds of media -- sticks, bamboo rods, knives, short-machetes, shovels, several kinds of nylon ropes, grubbing hoes, sledgehammers, crowbar-like tool for digging and sickles -- have been either the people’s belongings as the tools for their agricultural works in paddy fields or household materials. Then again, the Myanmar authorities have intentionally arranged to brag the world to be the ARSA terrorist weapons (plaything) to attack the police-posts. 

Are the sticks, bamboo rods, knives, short-machetes, shovels, several kinds of nylon ropes, and the sickles fighting weapons to attack the government forces? What a gruesome idea of the government!

Actually, if the ARSA were the real revolutionary and strategically terror fighters, they would have been fighting with guerilla-strategy by equipping with destructive arms and ammunitions to counter attack the government forces who are being outfitted with modern armaments. 

After creating excuse of ARSA terror attack and to hide behind the crook plan of the government, which has driven nearly 700,000 Rohingyas since October 2016-17, and up to now; more than 350 villages have already been torched; many more innocent people were massacred; many girls and women were being gang-raped; invaluable Rohingyas belongings were being destroyed, looted and herded away. Yet a few people still residing in localities to be driven out within a month is a total annihilation-master plan of the military and the current democratic regime of Myanmar. 

Due to the 2012 Rakhine state unilateral violence against Rohingyas in central Rakhine and KAMAN who are recognized as indigenous one in south by Rakhine Buddhists and military combination. Myanmar authorities have not been talking about locally displaced persons in squalid camps to resettle them to their original locations and the Rakhine criminals have not been arrested to punish publicly by both U Thein Sein and Daw Suu Kyi governments. Where are mass Rakhine Buddhist instigators and those criminals who involved in torching Rohingyas and KAMAN houses, shops, and looting the properties from houses and torn the Muslims houses and shops apart by the Rakhine hooligans? 

The current Daw Suu Kyi Led government has been trembling with anger whenever the world community’s repeatedly demands to investigate the heinous criminalities against Rohingyas, saying, “The military aggression or OPERATION CLEARANCE by military forces against Rohingyas is the internal affair which is supported openly by China and secretly some ASEAN’s Myanmar darling countries”.

Although there have been multiple talks and bilateral agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh in regard swift repatriation of Rohingyas. In fact Myanmar government should make clear first the alleged massacres that have been strong evident; random merciless torching of villages all along the three townships; for gang-raped cases against the girls and women; guarantee of the rule of law in localities & citizenship settlement. 

While innocent Rohingyas who have fled from the aggressive operations of Myanmar regime in the heavy rainy season after abandoning all their belongings, to recall back them by Myanmar government again without firm commitment before the world community, this cannot be happened by the side of Rohingyas ever to believe Myanmar regime and be killed mercilessly again behind the bar. In that ground, Myanmar should grant firm pledge what all returnees want for “secure, safety and dignified,” return of them to their locations. 

Myanmar does not want the world-wide alleged accusations of genocide, be investigated, against Rohingyas in places; Tulatuli, Inn-Din (Andan), Gudar Pyin(Gudampara), Paung Daw Pyin(Fun-du-farang), and possibly many other places in Maung Daw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung townships. To where the world-unimpeded access demands have long been barred by Daw Suu Kyi, fearing the crimes committed by the government be plainly exposed to the world then come actions by the world.  

For pretension to the world, the strong barbed wire transit camps seems to be jails, which have been built for a transit camps before transferring returnees to the original villages, were occasionally happened to be shown to the world dignitaries of ASEAN & Myanmar darling nations for the acknowledgement of Myanmar’s attempts to accept Rohingyas returnees quickly. 

Myanmar Union Minister for International Cooperation U Kyaw Tin attended on the working dinner hosted by Foreign Minister of Singapore Dr. Vivian Valakrishnan on Monday (5.2.2018) and ASEAN foreign Ministers’ Retreat held on Tuesday (6.2.18) together with other ASEAN foreign Ministers. In that, Union Minister U KYAW TIN briefed the ASEAN foreign Ministers in an informal setting on the recent development in Rakhine State and Myanmar’s efforts in preparation for the return of the displaced people. In his briefing, he stressed: “the current humanitarian situation in Rakhine state was caused by brutal terrorist attacks against 30 police outposts, not by clashes between the two communities. The issue of Rakhine was not a religious one, but a political and economic issue involving illegal migration, rule of law, resources competition, and poverty. At a time when the Myanmar government has been exerting serious efforts to resolve the issue, the ARSA terrorist group has worsened the situation through provocative acts and disinformation campaign. And he emphasized the need for ASEAN darling brother nations to assist Myanmar in enhancing humanitarian assistance and in implementation of Dr.Kofi Anan commission’s recommendations in the needed areas and not to support actions that could inflame the already complex situation and further polarize the two communities.” 

Oh! Really, what a pity of Myanmar newly assigned savior Minister U Kyaw Tin for the government of Myanmar from genocidal criminality?

WELL, U Kyaw Tin may have rhetorically expressed to his ‘darling partners’ at the last ASEAN retreat in regards 30 police-outposts that may have been exactly kicked out by Myanmar’s cunning secret servants to censure on ARSA shoulder. Due to that, the world community’s continuous demand to explain more about ARSA, since then Myanmar has been shutting up but it has been finding additional faults on Rohingyas civilians in village wise.

However, U Kyaw Tin has failed to express that Myanmar military has burned 350 more villages of Rohingyas, killed many more people that are innocent, raped young Rohingyas girls and women, drove nearly 700,000 innocent People to neighboring Bangladesh. He shamelessly explained to his partners that the issue has been economic and illegal migration of Rohingyas into Rakhine state. He failed again to explain that there has not been a single illegal immigrant found who sneaked into Rakhine from Bangladesh in search of pasture escaping starvation in neighboring Bangladesh. All these cheating-fashion has been a foolish nature of Myanmar authorities to disgrace not only Bangladeshi but also Rohingyas

Now, simply do find the interlopers in the camps throughout the world cooperation in advance before being repatriated them into Rakhine, otherwise Rohingyas repatriates be afraid of being arrested & prosecuted under the illegal migration law of Myanmar after arriving into their locations. Such things have been happened before. If Myanmar authorities find any one of illegal as immigrant in check-balance process with cooperation of Bangladesh & world trusted body, before repatriation from Bangladesh, then neglect to accept the respective person and abandon them on shoulder of Bangladesh. It will be so clear THAN blatant cheating from time to time.

The dignitaries from all regions of the world would usually pay humanitarian & charming visits to the Rohingyas camps in Bangladesh in a manner of sympathetic attitude to fellow human beings. 

[As a matter of fact, the 2020 ASEAN superb goal to become entire ASEAN region as one family is so great ambition of the founding father of ASEAN leaders. Rohingyas are the legitimate citizens of Myanmar and so they are that of ASEAN’s too. Nevertheless, except Myanmar dignitaries who are responsible the overall social destructions of Rohingyas happened in Rakhine and her darling partner nations from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines, they have never paid any humanitarians and diplomatic visits to the ROHINGYAs, ASEAN citizens’ camps in Bangladesh. WHY? This underrated terrible mindset of some ASEAN nations’ immorality has been the appalling scenario among world community. What will those nations wrongdoing on ROHINGYAs innocent?] 

Though, all the relevant people of world communities had paid visits and will be paying officials visits to the camps due to how Rohingyas be repatriated in safety, dignity and voluntarily to their locations again. What the rules, and necessary steps to be done before repatriation that shouldn’t be ensuing exodus again because of next appearing brutal oppressions again by Myanmar authorities on repatriated Rohingyas in their locations. For that grounds Myanmar high-level officials have never been in touch with Rohingyas runners (who are in Bangladesh now) the sons of Myanmar and talking for them with the world authorities to be repatriated.

While MYANMAR International Cooperation Minister U Kyaw Tin was first time in Bangladesh in October 2007 to talk with FM of Bangladesh in regard Rohingyas’ repatriation, Bangladesh Foreign Minister’s invitation, to Kyaw Tin to pay visit to Rohingyas camps, was strongly denied by Mr. Kyaw Tin. Meaning, he does not have either sympathy on Rohingyas as human being of similar to other people of the world’s dignitaries or he has been in cruel mind of similar partners of those WHO have been crushing Rohingyas. 

WHY does not Myanmar government hear and cooperate with the world community or the United Nations Security Council as being the member of the world organization to settle honestly the longstanding unsolved issue rather than wasting much of the global valuable times? For which, Myanmar’s amoral ministers, right now Minister U Kyaw Tin, “under the term of witnessing repatriation readiness” accompanying many diplomats, ambassadors, UN staffers and so on to the localities where absconded Rohingyas to be back? All their attempts have been falsehoods of Daw Suu Kyi’s filthy diversion to be instilled into the minds of her foreign partners. 

Rohingyas displaced persons who are now in Bangladesh’s many scattered refugees’ camps and remaining Rohingyas who are yet in all around localities are “the people born of the same mother”. They have been all the time constant flow of information of the update military and Rakhine armed people’ aggressions and multiple atrocities against Rohingyas of Rakhine state by one way or another. Rohingyas, yet who adhere to reside in Rakhine state, have been facing the continuous accusations of regional military authorities as being ARSA terrorists and sympathizers. They have been arrested; tortured, squeeze money whatever they have, and then they are usually ordered to disappear from their villages; or face the similar situation of “Inn Din, Tulatuli, Godar Pyin, Paung Daw Pyin”, where mass Rohingyas males were being persecuted, and entire villages were being burned down. No military authorities and Rakhine officials are standing in their ethics to maintain law and orders but as they are the devils-money-grubbing against helpless Rohingyas after designing many unfound excuses. Villagers from the localities are leaving from their villages and no one can stop them from absconding from military’s genocidal constant cleansings.

Right now, Daw Suu Kyi is running two-way policy: (1) repatriation camps built by the money of local entrepreneurs or partner nations of the world for show off acceptance of displaced Rohingyas without creating favorable conditions which can be accepted by Rohingyas returnees and which agreeable to the world community. (2) The remaining Rohingyas have been cleansed through the military operation with understanding of military to vacant the north Rakhine to hand over to the partner-nation selectively to CHINA to do corridor for Geographic strategic plan. 

Due to durable and honest solution by Myanmar government to the issue, rather than unilateral construction of transit camps, which are believed to be graveyards again for Rohingyas returnees? And a fine escape of international constant pressure without confirmation of any firm agreement, firstly Daw Suu Kyi should have discussed and accepted world opinions how to settle the standing issue in a way of perfect that be acceptable for all RATHER hearing the destructive voices of Rakhine fanatic, morally wrong monks and wicked parliamentarians, and military authorities. 

After having understood of above-mentioned criminal nature of Myanmar regime led by Daw Suu Kyi and EVEN THOUGH many earlier dignitaries of the world bodies have had expresses: “textbook examples of ethnic cleansing; hallmarks of genocide and mass people killing; and nothing more than genocidal activities” against Rohingyas have been widely, clearly known to the world people. 

THEN what are THE world powerful authorities thinking about the slaughter of mass Rohingyas human beings and destructions of their houses and other properties in many forms by the government of Myanmar without taking swift actions?

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