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The Bang of Immorality

The Bang of Immorality 

By Ro Mayyu Ali
RB Poem
January 11, 2018

Quite ablazer than the flame
Sharper than a chisel
A blow of outbreaking mortality
Beyond the rise of immorality

Immorality roams in human mind
Smashes out our conscience
And defeats the virtues ultimately
The last nerve of love then, roars up

Cynicism comes by, ruffling the souls
Insanity upon kinship and friendship
The sign out of mercy and kindness
Hence, immeasurable wretchedness loads in life

In the middle of the bang
The plight of hunger and thirst for new generation
A hive of ignominy for women nature
So the eclipse of human future

The voyage of inaptitude strides up
No eyes can see the truth
Mouth can't speak of injustice
Hands can't save innocent lives

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