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Possible Rohingyas killing in mass through bilateral agreement

Min Khant
RB Opinion
January 20, 2018

Process of repatriation of Myanmar Rohingyas residents who fled Rakhine state to Bangladesh will be allowed on 23rd January 2018 in accord the agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Myanmar Government wants all parties wholeheartedly join for the success of the systematic repatriation process, which will begin in January 2018.

The Union Minister for Social welfare, Relief and Rehabilitation, Dr. Win Myat Aye interviewed recently with Radio Free Asia that: ”the displaced Myanmar residents would stay for a while at transit camps (but he didn’t clarify how many days or months in transit camps), and after the completion of the houses for them, the residents be transferred to their respective villages”. There is not a visible big plan of the government yet to build houses or construct the villages, and he has once told the world media that the burned lands belong to government. That means Rohingyas do not belong again their abandoned villages. He also added that during their living in transit camps, the government would arrange so called “Cash for Work” employments for the returnees. There are neither factories, workshops nor any commercial activities available. All these are bogus and deceiving useless program of the government to escape the world attention & that of the community, which is very serious in regards Rohingya outline. 

The Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh camps are not the strangers to the face of Myanmar government as they being the citizens of Myanmar. Though Myanmar government does not want international investigation, at least Myanmar authorities should better visit to the camps with the cooperation of Bangladesh authorities to survey the refugees’ sufferings and their wishes and demands due to returning to their original locations.

Myanmar government has been insisting throughout its political instrument to the world that the violence ensued since 26 August 2017, and which has unavoidably created nearly 700,000 Rohingya refugees to be fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh within couple of months. And that had been just because of the ARSA’s attack only on several police stations, but not because of the excessive using power of military’s operations on innocent Rohingyas”. 

For which Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the state Counsellor has been defending the military’s ethnic cleansing plots as a legitimate right of a state sovereignty to clear the so-called ARSA in ROHINGYA innocent localities: Buthidaung, Maungdaw, and Rathedaung townships.

To implement successfully the repatriation process, in the bilateral agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh, Myanmar regime persistently claims the returnees are responsible to show the relevant documents of Myanmar, which had been occasionally issued as Myanmar national documents such as white cards, then National verification Cards, and form 10, which verifies members of the family. 

Every concerning returnee, majority of the returnees may encounter a great deal of problem to show the documents that Myanmar government insists to prove by Rohingyas in accord the agreement struck with Bangladesh. 

During the ‘operation clearance’ conducted by military forces, Rohingyas might have merely absconded with their lives without grasping any single document from their burning houses, villages, and the paddy barns by ‘operation clearance’ forces. And they had been under great stress, constant worry and nervous by the extreme executions and threats of mass young men killing, and toddlers would have been robbed from their mothers’ hands and thrown into the blazing fire and some being killed and stabbed to death by gun-hit and bayonets of army’ in front of their mothers. 

Moreover, gang rapes by forces against mass young girls, virgin & pregnant women, and elderly women in front of their husbands, brothers, and parents who had been tied in their hands behind while these terrible affairs were being committed by the armed forces. In more, many runners who had to hide in mountains, ridges, dykes, valleys and they had to secretly wend to swamp border to cross to Bangladesh to escape from Myanmar military and Rakhine militiamen’s multiple atrocities, brutal inhumanities, and some of immoral behaviors compounded around. The army and Rakhine militiamen would have taken all the belongings in the hands of Rohingyas who were being met along the way to Bangladesh. 

Considering the above multi-color nightmares, therefore, at this horrible mass humans trekking in torrential rainy season day in day out in fear, how can these vulnerable and distressed Rohingyas runners be able to keep firmly their documents forever while they had just took care of their lives to be safer than others?

In these days, Myanmar regime has been revealing due to impossible ARSA members who may unbelievably have participated in the attack against the police outposts via daily circulating state owned newspapers.

Presumably, the shown suspected ARSA members by the government are quiet Rohingyas youths and men who have been bearing all the legal affairs of the respective family of their own in a peaceful manner in the regions. The Border Police Guard team, which has been in charge of taking and keeping the group photos of Rohingyas families once in six-month in the regions for two decades, has been easily sharing between the immigration department and military units due to the photos as members of ARSA who are allegedly accused as attackers against outposts. 

During the operation clearance, military would have been particularly and in prior searching out of the capable male persons, and after Rohingyas had known the trend; the male would either hide behind or disappear from public sight fearing from being picked up and killing by military units. Now, taking this as an advantage by the government, the irrational revealing of those photos in media as ARSA criminals is either to stop them from entering to their country again or censure & wrap the Bangladesh government for not apprehending the accused and then handing over to Myanmar government as culprits whom Myanmar demanded. This is the most beautiful dishonest art of Myanmar current regime to disgrace over all interaction of logical repatriation.

Undoubtedly, Myanmar government being a cruel, mischief and genocidal, it will apply all illogical, impossible and high handing vile against Bangladesh to illegitimate the international standard repatriation process in practical as per the demand of world community. From the other Myanmar regime’s idea is to keep untold about its inhumanities committed on Rohingyas and dragging the due matter as unimportant by alleging others as criminals to slip from reality. 

Rohingyas refugees in Bangladesh are all aware of the nightmares they have severely suffered in the hands of Myanmar military and they will not return at this unwelcome condition of Myanmar government’s unacceptable attachment, which seems Rohingyas returnees to be retaliated, punished, and tortured to death in their localities, even in transit camps before reaching to their respective villages. Right now, refugees believe that they are safe, and in touch with world communities who show heartfelt compassion and recognize the agony of Rohingyas and all refugees are able to access to medical facilities, food and shelter for a while, for that their long suffering have been at least alleviated by having emphatic touching of world communities in the camps. 

Rohingyas people were restricted and limited to have medical treatments in the regions, and there are many more chronic diseases infected patients remain uncured, that the regime intends to either be dying without proper treatments or shorten the Rohingyas people life span as depopulated scheme of the government. 

Just bringing a little parable due to refugees who infected the DIPTHERIA disease that: “ there was a big attention of WHO and the swift medical movement of ‘Doctor Without Border’ against the diphtheria infected patients as a matter of urgency to cure on time all the patients without delay and discrimination. Because of the effective care of medical team, the world communities have addressed all infected patients with a great care. 

In contrast, right now, Myanmar does not agree to allow the unfettered access of world community to the locations. Myanmar temporary camps, which aimed to be built as tents without minimum facilities, are very fragile to live for human beings. The returnees who should stay In Transit Camps for a while is uncountable days and people will be easily perished by the contaminated diseases that will be intentionally passed by Myanmar several agencies with a coordination efforts of all enemies. While, there all affairs will be run under the supervision of Myanmar as per the agreements reached between Bangladesh and Myanmar, and that the world body wont’ be allowed to examine the events.

There will not be international medical teams and the very limited medical facilities of Myanmar will not reach to the site to pay the medical attention while Muslims Rohingyas have been restricted from effective medical treatments as its Policy. Not only that, all the relevant affairs regarding to Rohingyas returnees in TC (transit Camps) will be the same horrendous and the mass killing of Rohingya either by the unattended disease outbreak or intentional arson killing by the hands of government’s multi- secret agents at the absence of community of the world.

Without international proper supervision and world firm guarantees for Rohingyas returnees’ safety, security, dignity, and recognition of nationality, the returnees should not be repatriated by Bangladesh and it should consider whether bilateral agreement would push all living Rohingyas in mass killing in TC through the cooperated agreement.

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