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Myanmar State Counsellor’s trip to Rakhine is “a face saving attempt”

Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi arrives at Sittwe airport in the state of Rakhine November 2, 2017. REUTERS/Stringer

Min Khant
RB Opinion
November 4, 2017

On 2nd November, 2017, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her entourage has paid a day long visit to Pan Daw Pyin village, Maung Daw township where she has met with local Rohingya villagers, telling them to live peacefully, harmoniously in a good manner. 

She has also asked the villagers if they are in need of things to be fulfilled by the government. In the trip together with her were some tycoons, who have been political stakeholders and economic shareholders of former military personnel who ruled the country for more than two decades. It seems she had an aerial overview due to Rohingya villages, which were torched into ashes by Myanmar military, police, and Rakhine militiamen since 25 August 2017 to now following the so-called ARSA’s (Arakan Rohingyas Salvation Army) attacks on mysterious thirty police-outposts in Maung Daw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung townships.

In reality, the Operation Clearance, which has targeted on ARSA, has indiscriminately crushed the innocent Rohingyas and the most victims have been children, female, elderly men and women, breast-feeding mothers, suckling babies and pregnant women. 

Because of the impact of Operation Clearance, the entire world has seen all appalling nightmares of Rohingyas via satellite imaginaries_ the villages burning tongue of thick fire; charred stump; the mass exodus of people in disarray crossing to Bangladesh to escape their life from being killed by military forces, Rakhine armed and Rakhine state police department. 

Though there have been many more Rohingyas were killed, murdered, buried alive, women being gang raped, toddlers being thrown into fire, many frustrated and exhausted men and women being maimed along the routes. Many more were drown in seawater having dead-threats, many were abducted by the forces to unknown locations, and since then they are believed to have been brutally killed by Tatmadaw. 

Unfortunately, the international community and its leaders’ warning, to State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in regards the nightmarish scenarios of Rohingyas, was dubbed as “Iceberg of misinformation” by the state counsellor office. 

However, the global well-built outcry regarding the audacious disaster of Rohingyas was dubbed as “iceberg of misinformation”; the state counsellor has never agreed to justify investigating the iceberg of misinformation into reality through international fair investigation. 

She has been stressing the international investigation would not help to solve the problem but would make worse the harmonious living between Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims of Arakan from the one hand and on the other, she upholds that she is not afraid of international investigation . Her skill of blatant cheat to the world has been surprisingly disgusting. 

In spite of the state order due to the very least collateral damage during their brutal killings against the innocent Rohingyas, the coordinated forces have completely destroyed nearly 300 villages, more than recognized 15,000 Rohingyas were killed, uncountable ladies were raped, approximately 20,000 children were permanently made as orphans, and 700,000 people were compelled to flee from their houses after leaving their paddy crops and granaries for which they had hardly strived during the season in their best.

Previously the government has stated that it was going to harvest the ownerless paddy fields and now it has changed its ideology, saying the government is now harvesting the paddy fields and the details about paddy amount yield would be listed, as owners are known by record in townships wise. No one believes the government motivation. 

The state counsellor’s dishonest statement to repatriate the fled Rohingyas to Bangladesh again is a big trouble, while she has clearly meant in her speech “who is able to show the legal documents as the citizens of Myanmar be repatriated”. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has become the most puzzled and baffled condition in this situation, that whether her regime or the consecutive past military regimes have never ever offered the legal documents to the next Rohingyas generation, for which the current state counsellor has been deceitfully, publicly and unfairly asking the documents which many Rohingyas repatriatee may not be able to show while they haven’t in their hands under many reasons. 

In addition, who the runners -- from the houses burnings, from the mass random killings, from the indiscriminate shootings, from the mass extraordinary killings, robbing & gang-raped and so on --would try or be able to pick up the belonging documents while all those vulnerable Rohingyas people would have been escaping just for their life-saving from the brutal killing-forces. Wasn’t it possible? 

Those authorities who want to show documents from Rohingyas are “FAECES eaters”. 

Grasping this Rohingyas’ misfortunes, the government of Myanmar and military senior general Min Aung Hlaing have got the seizing opportunity to squeeze the refugees to show the documents which EITHER the past governments have never ever offered OR the refugees couldn’t afford to carry together with them though they have while they were fleeing OR the carrying documents might have dropped, lost, destroyed or disappeared along their escaping journeys to the camps in Bangladesh.

What is their Griping Idea to make document less the Rohingyas?

If the government of Myanmar wants the Rohingyas refugees to show the documents as per the saying of the state counsellor, then the authorities should have earlier provide the fleeing people the necessary documents along their fleeing ways in their hands, so that, one day, they will be able to show the documents which government wanted now. 

Without complaint, the entire state perpetrators may have been delighting to see the disarray runners from the regions, they leaving behind all belongings and necessary documents, feeling well in the authorities’ mentality that they ROHINGYAs wouldn’t be able to show the necessary documents which may need in the time of repatriation process, and ultimately the government would deny to accept the Rohingyas refugees who have fled the violence and permanently insist as not the citizens of Myanmar. That is visible and true philosophy of the regime of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. What a childish character of the counsellor!

She being as the noble laureate & as author of many books or a wise person, graduated from world-renowned university, she should have treat Rohingyas people as they are in their existing historical records as high-class intellectual personal like others who stand by the true events of the Rohingyas. 

Instead, she has been treating Rohingyas as aliens, describing those Muslims of Arakan or Rakhine, which is as per her xenophobic, antagonistic, and chauvinistic Rakhine and Buddhists people of Myanmar who have been stoking hatred among people, particularly between peaceful Muslims and Buddhists mongers in these days that the current regime does not handle as the national duty. 

To describe just a single shot, once, she has warned the American Ambassador, not to mention Muslims of Arakan as Rohingyas, meaning she and her government doesn’t want to recognize the Muslims of Rakhine as Rohingya who have been existing in the history of Myanmar, then what does she do in regards Rohingyas repatriation process, while Rohingyas stick to their existing identity, as ROHINGYA.

If she still sticks to her hard-line ego that doesn’t agree to many points of Rohingya repatriation process either with Bangladesh or United Nations to handle the process, then what does her government intention due to frequent talk with world bodies? 

Would the government of Myanmar want to repatriate again ROHINGYA with empty-guarantee to keep in concentration camp until to death with the cooperation of all Myanmar people who want to annihilate Rohingya from their ancestral land? 

Actually, government should sincerely gather-together all the peoples in Rakhine -- whether Rakhine, Rohingyas, Chin, Mro, Thet, or Dainet -- in a great-mass and should present the plan which is durable, prosperous, fraternity and peace among them after approving Rohingya people EXISTENCE rather than downplaying dirty political games among the ethnic groups. 

The scenarios what the people have seen the tycoons with state counsellor in the trip to Rakhine is assumed to swallowing of Rohingyas-lands and keeping them in the big camps which they are going to build in the regions under the CHAIR-guardianship of state counsellor without the international CONSENT.

It is very bad OMEN! Stop the long running mysterious PLAN.

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