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Myanmar ignores UNSC presidential statement

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Min Khant
RB Opinion
November 9, 2017

On 7 November 2017, Ministry of the Office of the State Counsellor issued a press statement, stating: “The issuance of the Presidential Statement of UNSC, on 5.11.2017, ignores the fact that the issues facing Myanmar and Bangladesh today can only be resolved bilaterally, in an amicable manner, between two neighboring states. Furthermore, the Presidential Statement could potentially and seriously harm the bilaterally negotiations between the two countries which have been proceeding smoothly and expeditiously”. 

The truth is that Prime Minister of Bangladesh has declared the world: “The ROHINGYAS refugee problems lie with in Myanmar government alone and Bangladesh has nothing to do or involve in the matter, but Bangladesh prime minister insists the time and again Rohingyas refugees’ influx into the territory of Bangladesh because of the inhumane oppressions and atrocities of Myanmar regime be stopped for the sake of both countries, Myanmar and Bangladesh in the long run”. 

While the state of Bangladesh wants to avoid the unnecessary arguments with Myanmar frequently for the sake of her country and to protect the mass exodus of Rohingyas refugees from Myanmar, It has, of course, proposed some essential & possible recommendations to the government of Myanmar to grant THEM such as: citizenship, safety, peace, dignity, and guaranteed security and stability through safeguarding them by the government of Myanmar not to be repeating mass flow of people into her land, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh being a tiny and populous country, it has to ask the world communities to help provide the necessary assistances to the refugees who have been reaching to her country and it has been undeniable.

Bangladesh has been sheltering and feeding to the Rohingyas refugees of Myanmar with the cooperation of world communities and in that case, the world involvements, proposals, and commitments to solve the Rohingyas issue become the world communities’ concerns now. 

Bangladesh, realizing the past Myanmar governments’ insincerity, irresponsibility, and carelessness to fulfill the agreements, which were stricken previously between them due to Rohingyas refugees repatriation and resettlement, right now, Bangladesh seems it has decided to bring the Rohingyas issues to the world powerful table to be decided and be witness by the world governing body, UNSC for durable solution. 

What are the world communities’ false and that of the Bangladesh in this concerning issue? Why does Myanmar show its fury in this regard?

Myanmar government’s irritated announcement against the UNSC presidential statement has shown its innate nature and double-cross not to abide the direction of the UNSC meeting result. Myanmar regime’s intention to reach an agreement between the two countries during Bangladesh foreign Minister’s visit to Myanmar (from 16 to 18 November 2017) may be a cheating time-pass game that will possibly frustrate world communities, Bangladesh and entire Rohingyas rather than coming out a fruitful agreement for the final settlement as per saying of Myanmar.

Seemingly, Myanmar has tripartite powerful executive bodies - the democratically elected government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, who is responsible to claim world assistance to rebuild the country; Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who holds all the power of the state to destabilize the entire indigenous localities with brutal wars in the name of sovereignty and the last body is SANGA, the Buddhist Monks Association, which has been responsible to tear down Muslim and Christian communities in the country and all the relevant ministers from the Ministries have been surrendering in a manner of “ADDRESS LOYALTY” to MONKS whatever the ministry offices have done, are executing and will be going to do in future due to state affairs. IT seems SANGA association is above all and it opposes Rohingyas repatriation by the name of Rohingya IDENTITY.

In particular, The RNDP party chairperson U AYE MAUNG, mentally deranged and tongue-lashing animal surgeon has been very outlandish to annihilate Rohingya communities from Rakhine state with the cooperation of most of the political parties’ affiliations in the country since the commencement of U Thein Sein’s Presidency up to now. 

Right now, Myanmar government has no sense to handle the Rohingyas issue because government itself and all destructive forces against Rohingyas do not interest to pay attention to the world instruction whilst all the internal forces have a belief in CHINA and RUSSIA that they would do against to the orders of the world which are not binding resolution from the world bodies. 

Therefore, deplorably, the last UNSC’ presidential statement is nothing as an effective instrument to help solve Rohingyas issue in an urgent manner but the statement is a great INCENTIVE for the government, Rakhine militiamen, Rakhine army AA, Rakhine authorities and Myanmar military forces to be able more and more destructions of the Rohingya people lives and livelihoods to those who are still remaining in their localities within a 30-day interval, which UNSC’s presidential statement has awarded the UN Secretary General to collect information from the regime of Myanmar whether it has discharged the orders of the UNSC presidential statement or not . Presumably, in the end of a 30-day, UNSG will surely collect more hostile information from the ground committed by all forces of Myanmar who oppose the Rohingyas rights and existence. 

Without delay, to help solve Rohingyas issue within country and for the earlier repatriation of Rohingyas from Bangladesh to their localities in dignity, safety, and guaranteed secured guardianship, the world communities and UNSC are more needed to keep aside the differences among them to adopt the unanimous binding resolution

Do save the innocent Rohingyas people lives in time and “Human dignity and lives are above all” than any lucrative interests and geo-political strategic importance.

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