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Updates: Into Sixth Day of Military Offensives on Rohingya Population in Northern Arakan

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August 30, 2017

We are today into the sixth day of the Myanmar military's full blown offensives on the Rohingya population across Northern Arakan. What we have been witnessing since August 25 are widespread arson attacks on Rohingya villages, horrific massacres and summary exceutions of countless (Rohingya) civilians, mass displacements and unimaginable horrors of atrocity crimes.

Below are the reports we have received so far on the fourth day (August 30, 2017).

1- 12:30pm 30/8/2017: Over 60,000 Rohingya villagers have been displaced under the 'Taung Bazaar' area alone in Northern Buthidaung. The Whole area was razed by the Myanmar military.

The 'Taung Bazaar' area is a huge area comprising at least a dozen of Rohingya villages. All of them were under arson attacks and entirely burnt down.

Displaced, rendered without food and shelter, they took refuge in the nearby mountains and now are trying to flee to Bangladesh. But it will take the people, comprising mainly women and children, 3 days to walk on foot to the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. Anything can happen to them on their way to the border.

2- 10:30am 30/8/2017: Over 400 Rohingya civilians were slaughtered and 100 others were wounded during arson attacks by the Myanmar military on 'Chut Pyin' village in Rathedaung Township on August 27. Exact figures could be more.

No medical access for the injured people, no place to take shelter, no food to eat, no safe place to sleep!

3- An INGO staff was also killed by the Myanmar military at 'Maung Nu' hamlet of 'Chin Thama' village in Buthidaung on Aug 26.

He is Dil Mohammed from 'Phaung Taw Pyin' village and a staff of Malteser International. He was slaughtered along with other over 100 people while taking refuge at the 'Maung Nu' hamlet on August 26.

4- 10am 30/8/2017: 'Kyauk Hle Kar' village in northern Maungdaw has been set ablaze by the Myanmar military and the Rakhine extremists. 

5- 11am 30/8/2017: The Rohingya residents of 'Mangala' hamlet of Quarter 3in the downtown of Maungdaw were expelled from their homes and the were set ablaze by the Myanmar military and the Rakhine extremists afterwards.

6- 11:30am 30/8/2017: 'Maung Nama' village in Northern Maungdaw has been set ablaze twice by Rakhine extremists and Myanmar military.

7- 11am 30/8/2017: Myanmar military carried out arson attacks and set fire on 'Foki Taung' hamlet of 'Lon Doong' village in Northern Maungdaw.

8- 4pm 30/8/2017: Gun-shots are being heard from the region of Quarter 5 in Maungdaw downtown again, nearby villagers report.

9- 10pm 30/8/2017: "More than 200 Rohingya civilians were murdered in an incident of chilling summary execution staged by Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists at 'Padaka Dewan Ali' village in Northern Maungdaw today.

4 hamlets of the village were burnt down by Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists on August 29. Therefore, around 1,000 displaced villagers gathered at a plain and passed their night.

Today, more 200 of them including old, children and women alike got their throats slit and massacred by Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists," a survivor recounted.

10- 10pm 30/8/2017: 2 hamlets, 'Montullah' and 'Attet Kan Paing', at 'Alay Than Kyaw' village in Southern Maungdaw have been set ablaze by Myanmar military.

To be updated as news breaks....

[Reported by RB Correspondents in Northern Arakan; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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