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Updates: Into Seventh Day of Military Offensives on Rohingya Population in Northern Arakan

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August 31, 2017

We are today into the seventh day of the Myanmar military's full blown offensives on the Rohingya population across Northern Arakan. What we have been witnessing since August 25 are widespread arson attacks on Rohingya villages, horrific massacres and summary executions of countless (Rohingya) civilians, massive displacements and unimaginable horrors of atrocity crimes.

Below are the reports we have received so far on the fourth day (August 31, 2017).

1- 12:30pm 31/8/2017: Over 120 Rohingya houses have been burnt down by Myanmar military at 'Tharay Kone Tan' village in Southern Maungdaw.

The Myanmar military are still continuing to carry out arson attacks in the village.

2- 31/8/2017: Gruesome scenes of Rohingya civilians massacred by Myanmar troops at 'Guta Pyin' in Buthidaung on August 26 and August 27. Exact figures of Rohingya civilians massacred by the Myanmar military in the village are yet to be counted.


3- 1pm 31/8/2017: Myanmar military shot 3 Hindu men to death at 3-mile-area in Maungdaw by mistaking them after Rohingya men on August 27.

In a similar circumstance, Maungdaw police shot 3 other Hindu men to death in the downtown on August 28. Family members of the missing men lodged police complaints and later came to know those shot dead were their family members. Upon so, the Police provided them some money and forced them to say their family members were killed by the Rohingya people. 

When investigated, other local Hindus found out that they were actually killed by the Maungdaw Police, revealed an internal source from a Hindu community in Maungdaw.

4- 1pm 31/8/2017: Myanmar authorities have spread rumors that Rohingya villagers are plotting to attack their co-villagers i.e. a Hindu community at 'Hla Thar' hamlet of 'Myo Oo' (Italia) village in Maungdaw.

Now, approximately 100 Myanmar security forces besieged the village on pretext of protecting Hindu people. Myanmar authorities are reported to have been attempting to trigger communal clash between Hindu and Rohingya. They are attempting to use the peaceful Hindu community for their own selfish political ends.

5- 5pm 31/8/2017: 'Aan Daang' (Inn Din) village in Southern Maungdaw has been almost entirely razed by Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists. Now, they are setting fire on the Central Mosque at the nearby village, 'Thin Baw Kwe' (Bossara), in Southern Maungdaw.

To be updated as news breaks....

[Reported by RB Correspondents in Northern Arakan; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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