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Rohingya Women Beg to Die in Hills

Ro Mayyu Ali
RB News
August 31, 2017

Tha Win Chaung is the last village in southern Maungdaw. It has five hamlets such as Bosara, Kwa Sone, Surali, Ywa Thit and Pu Taung, consisting the total population of over 10100 and 900 households. It is quite close to Rathidaung's Koe Tan Kauk (IDP camp) and Chain Khali village. 

On 25 of August, the fresh holocaust of Myanmar Armed Forces coordination of local Rakhine extremists on Chain Khali and Koe Tan Kauk Rohingya villagers derived the result of 123 Rohingyas were killed, 800 houses were burnt down and 14000 were evacuated to nearby hill. Without food and water, the escapees had to pass a couple of days in there. Taking the souls on hands, the frantic escapees moved through the hill to Tha Win Chaung village to refuge in. 

On 27 of August, the night, with a plate of rice was a seventh heaven of delights for Chain Khali and Koe Tan Kauk escapees in Tha Win Chaung village. However, seeing the smoky sky around Chain Khali and encountering the misery and plight of the escapees, the Tha Win Chaung's Rohingya villagers feel so desperate for their life. Could the holocaust resume again on Tha Win Chaung's villagers? 

At night 4:30 am, the 56-years-old Mubena from Kwa Sone died with heart-fail in fear and trauma. It was the pain and condolence on the wound of the family. With a hope for a small funeral in next morning, they passed their night. 

Shahanas, 22 years from the same hamlet delivered a new-born baby at home. For Rohingya women in Northern Rakhine State, it is not wonder the home-delivery without a nurse or a professional assistant. But as a husband, Mohammed Yahayu often worries for his family with a new-born baby and lactating woman. That night, he raced with fear and worry rather than the excitement of having a new baby. The night was so dark in monsoon. It was too long for them to pass. 

And the night was sinking into the dawn. The condoling family prepared a small funeral. And the dead was on the shoulders of four men taking to nearby cemetery to burry down. Yahayu, the father of new-born baby was struggling to think of the situation. A burden of worries flooded on his mind. 

It was 8:05 am in the morning. A very heavy explosive made the four-men extremely shock carrying the dead. It was a launcher hit to a quite close home to the men. In fear and shock, the men dropped down the carrier of the dead and escaped away. Soon, the army fired launchers and machine-guns continuously. It was not only in Kwa Sone but the entire village, one hamlet after another. 

Tha Win Chaung's villagers learnt from Chain Khali's Rohingyas about the holocaust during that last night. Thus all villagers escaped to nearby hill with what they found around of them at home. So, what could be the choice for those escapees whose houses were already burnt down in Chain Khali and Koe Tan Kauk? At least, they could save their life escaping with Tha Win Chaung's villagers to the hill. 

For Yahayu, as a father with two children including a new-born one, it was the rivers of sweat streamed down on his face escaping to the hill together with his one-night-passed lactating wife. However they could reach alive to hill in fatigue. 

During the last hour of the noon, the fire was ceased incinerating almost houses of 900 in entire village. But the launchers of Myanmar Armed Forces were not stopped. Now, the direction of their launchers turned to East hamlet including the market of Inn Din Village. So for the villagers, there is no second option except escaping to the hill if it is nearby. 

Since 25 of August, the entire villagers from Chain Khali, Koe Tan Kauk, Tha Win Chaung and Inn Din have been in the hill around by. It was a moment for them even a parent has no chance to snatch his own child. How can they take a bag of rice together to eat for some days in hill? 

It has been already 6 days and 7 nights, the escapees have to face starving in there. When it rains, children are dishelved and old are frantic. "Now for us, going to die is the only option in there" says Shahanas, the 22-years-old lactating woman. "How can I breastfeed my new-born baby if I cannot eat for three days" she slaps herself to her forehead. 

Within the day, Myanmar Armed Forces coordinating with Rakhine extremists have burnt down over 900 houses, killed 5 and injured 15 and displaced 5100 villagers in Tha Win Chaung and 750 houses, killed 19, injured 40 and displaced 8500 villagers in Inn Din. On 31 of August, around 10 am in the morning, the forces again started to burn down the remained hamlets such as Ywa Ma and West in Inn Din. Now, the almost houses of around 750 in Inn Din have been burnt down and estimation of 8500 villagers have been evacuated to hill. 

Around the hill in Tha Win Chaung and Inn Din, now there are more than 18600 escapees from Tha Win Chaung and Inn Din plus 14000 escapees from Rathidaung's Chain Khali and Koe Tan Kauk have been suffering hunger and thirst since 28 of August. Still the systematic violence of Myanmar Armed Forces is going on intensively across the Rohingya villagers in Northern Rakhine State. It seems no bound of cease for this while. Coming down into their villages is elusive. 

How many more days those over 36200 displaced Rohingyas would have to face such severe humanitarian crisis in the hill around the southern part of Maungdaw Township? Nothing from International Community seems somewhat hopeful for them yet. Indeed, what is happening now on Rohingyas in Northern Rakhine State is most likely the world's most silent genocide ever.

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