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One Rohingya Man Killed, Another Feared Killed in Sittwe

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August 6, 2017

Sittwe (Akyab) -- One Rohingya man was tortured to death by the Myanmar police in custody, another is feared to have been killed by Rakhine extremists in Sittwe (Akyab) Township on Saturday (Aug 5), reliable sources say. 

It has been learnt that two men, a Rakhine and a Rohingya, riding a motorcycle each crashed into each other in front of Sittwe University Gate injuring both. While the Police from Security Force Battalion 36 based in the premise of the University sent the injured Rakhine man to hospital for treatment, the injured Rohingya man was taken into their custody.

Though he was badly injured in the accident, the police tortured him in the custody so bad that it eventually killed him.  He is identified as Mohammed Abdul (45), s/o Oli Ahmed from ‘Gaung Doukkar’ village.

"He was a poor man going to sell a pair of gold earrings belonging to his wife in order to buy foods. However, how he was tortured by the Police instead of giving him treatments beyond brutality. Besides, the police excused that he died due to injuries and asthma in the hospital," said a trishaw puller, an eyewitness to the incident.

The Police handed over his dead body to his relatives for burial at around 1:00pm having had its post-mortem done in the hospital.

In another incident on the same day, a Rohingya youth from the village of ‘Ohn Taw Gyi’ is feared to have been killed by Rakhine extremists at the village of ‘Aung Dain.’

The youth, Eliyaz (26), and his father, Mohammed Hassan (52), who both earn their livelihood through a profession of repairing Umbrellas, went into ‘Aung Dain’ Rakhine village to look for potential customers. [Note: There was no significant tension between the Rakhines and the Rohingyas in the region prior to this incident.] At some point into the village, the father and the son separated ways as the son went into a Rakhine resident when he was called in to repair umbrellas.

The son didn’t come out of the house but has gone missing since then. The father lodged a police complaint of his missing son. The police didn't help him find out his son although he pleaded them to search for his son's dead body in the Rakhine house where he believes his son was killed, said our sources quoting the statement of the victim's father.

[Reported by Saeed Arakani & Aung Zaw Hein; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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Mohammed Abdul (45), s/o Oli Ahmed was killed by the Myanmar Police in Sittwe

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