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How Violence Being Triggered Against Minority Rohingya In Rathedaung

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August 5, 2017

RATHEDAUNG: At around 4:00pm on July 11, the Border Guard Police (BGP) from the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ camp arbitrarily arrested one Rohingya youth named ‘Mohammed Noor (son of) Fokir Ahmed from the village and inhumanely tortured him at night in detention. He was transferred to the ‘Nyaung Chaung’ BGP Regional Command detention the next day, where they (the BGP) continued to brutally torture him for two more days.

On July 14, he was transferred back to the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ BGP Camp to prosecute him under the section ‘17/1 –Unlawful Association Act’ as the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ region falls under ‘Sittwe (Akyab) District Jurisdiction. 

At around 3:00am on July 13, the BGP along with the Rakhine extremists conducted raids on the village of ‘Firing Daung’ officially called ‘Chaung Rwa’ and most of the men fled homes in fear of the arrests. 8 youths asleep got arrested and taken to the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ BGP detention. 

They too were brutally tortured and 5 of them were however released later. And the remaining three youths along with the one arrested from ‘Zaydi Pyin’ on July 11 were all charged under the Section 17/1 and are being prosecuted in completely one-sided trials.
Along the way, the authorities have issued arbitrary arrest warrants against more than 35 people especially targeting youths and educated ones now on the run to escape arrests; and hence, been systematically escalating tensions in Rathedaung region.


On July 27, two Thak (Chakma) men and one Rakhine youth from the Rakhine hamlet of ‘Chaung Rwa (Firin Daung)’ went into the nearby ‘Mayu’ Mountain in search of Snails and vegetables. The two Thaks returned home, while the Rakhine youth named ‘Than Htay’ didn’t. 

In the name of searching for the missing Rakhine youth, hundreds of Rakhine men armed with spears, swords and machetes from all over Rathedaung, Sittwe (Akyab) and Punna Gyun Townships amassed in Rathedaung on July 28. In the process, the Rakhine extremist crowd attacked nearby Rohingya villages.

The BGP and the Military searched for the missing man for two days but he was nowhere to be found. Eventually, on July 30, the armed forces came up with an absurd claim that they found camps and weapons such as swords and spears used by the terrorists (referring to the Rohingya rebels operating in Maungdaw) in the mountain, while searching for the missing person. Under this pretext, the Myanmar armed forces along with the Rakhine extremists armed with spears and swords attacked the ‘Pan Gaing (Sou Ferang)’ IDP (internally displaced people) camp at the village of ‘Attet Nan Yar,’ which is located nearby the mountain range. 

They began to beat children, harass women and arrested one man at the IDP camp. At 4:00pm of the day again, when the BGP and the Rakhine extremists launched raids on the IDP camps again, the people resisted them leading to a chaotic situation. The military interfered and the BGP and the Rakhine extremists retreated. 


Earlier on July 29 night, the Rakhine extremists killed three Rohingya farmers, a father and his two sons, at a mountain base nearby the hamlet of ‘Nilaambor’ of ‘Attet Nan Yar’ village. Their bodies were thrown away and found nearby the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ river-end on July 31 morning. [Read the full report: HERE

The Border Guard Police (BGP) took the pictures of the dead bodies in the afternoon and pushed its propaganda through the Official Facebook Page of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s State Counsellor Information Committee. The BGP returned dead bodies to their relatives having forced them (the relatives) to sign on blank papers. 

Since August 1, the state-backed Rakhine extremists, having decided over a meeting held earlier, have begun to blockade the Rohingya people at the village of ‘Zaydi Pyin’ totally cutting their access to the outer world. 

On August 4, the Myanmar armed forces along with the Rakhine extremists conducted raids on the village of ‘Auk Nan Yar (Razar Bil). During a series of rampant shooting on the Rohingya villagers as the people tried to resist, five people were severely injured and four other people were arrested in the raid. [Read the report: HERE] But the Myanmar state-controlled media have, as usual, twisted the truth and told the world that the Rohingya villagers attacked the Myanmar police. UNFORTUNATELY, some reputed international media have only amplified the Myanmar state officials' quotes without bothering to find out the truths.

[Account narrated by a local man, an eyewitness to the most of the incidences; Reported by MT Rafique; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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