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Three Killed, Two Abducted by Gov’t-Backed Rakhine Extremists in Rathedaung

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August 2, 2017 

Rathedaung – A Rohingya man and his two sons were brutally killed; and two other people were abducted by the Myanmar-military-backed Rakhine extremists in Rathedaung Township on Sunday (July 30), according to reliable sources. 

A joint force of the Myanmar military and Police along with Rakhine extremists, numbering 700 in total, conducted raids on the hamlet of ‘Chut Pyin’ of ‘Attet Nan Yar’ village in Rathedaung on Sunday and arrested two village men. 

They were reported to have been inhumanely tortured before the eyes of the rest of the villagers, blinded-folded in plastic masks and taken away to an unidentified place. The victims haven’t returned home since then. They are ‘U Sayed Ullah’ and ‘U Inayat Ullah.’ 

On the same day itself, an old Rohingya farmer and his two sons, one teenager and another in early 20s, found working in their paddy farm at a mountain base nearby the village, were brutally killed by the military-backed Rakhine extremist. 

“U Iman Hussein and his two sons, Nurul Hakim (22) and Nur Alam (18), were captured from the paddy farm and taken to the ‘Zaydi Pyin’ river-end where they were brutally killed. Nurul Hakim was decapitated and his head was taken away. Meanwhile, his father and younger brother were repeatedly stabbed and slaughtered. 

“Their bodies were abandoned where they were killed and the villagers were not allowed to recover them for proper funeral,” said a local man in Rathedaung on the condition of anonymity. 

Our sources have further added that the Myanmar military have been, since then, plotting to portray the brutal killings -- by associating their dead bodies with some random pictures of back-packs, beds and cooking pots etc --as some terrorists died while they were fighting among themselves. 

[Reported by MYARF; Edited by M.S. Anwar] 

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