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The lies of the State Counsellor Office's Information Committee revealed significant

The lies of the State Counsellor Office's Information Committee revealed significant 

On 26 of June, 2017, Hafiz Mohamed Sadek, an Islamic student from Baggonna (Thet Oo Chaung), Sourthern Maungdaw was tortured to death by Border Guard Police. And it has been found that the State Counsellor Office released the news it was a normal death as heart-failure.

(The news released by State Counsellor Office;

(The denying letter to the State Counsellor Office by digging out the truth of Hafiz Mohamed Sadek's death--

These are the questions the State Counsellor Office should answer;

(1) The State Counsellor Office released "Hafiz Mohamed Sadek told he was suffering chest-indrawing and felt down from sitting. He was taken to Maungdaw hospital and died at night 11:15 pm during receiving the treatment. The deceased had been suffering heart-failure since the last ten years and died suddenly by heart-attack according to Doctor's testifying." So, the question is, why are there so many injuries throughout Mohamed Sadek's body if he dies by heart-attack? (The proof--- this is the dead body of Hafiz Mohamed Sadek)

(2) According to our investigation, Hafiz Mohamed Sadek was not a heart-patient. He was a strong healthy man. (See--- This is the picture of Hafiz Mohamed Sadek before he was arrested;

(3) How can you regard as a heart-patient to such a strong healthy man? Why was his family forced to sign up to certify that he is a heart-patient? Is not that well enough for you with Doctor's testifying? Is not that just to lie? Now, it is the time of the State Counsellor Office to answer; 

(4) In fact, the two pieces of Hafiz Mohamed Sadek's bollocks were cut off, tortured brutally throughout his legs with rods, the two sides of his thighs were sliced down and so on the inhumane brutalities he had faced and was killed. 

(5) It is the shame of the State Counsellor Office lying the truth of the event and protecting the criminal BGP who tortured to death an innocent civilian accusing illegally. Is the Ministry of State Counsellor Office only for lying to people?

(6) Regarding the issue, U Zaw Htay, the spokesman of the President Office also stands on the side of the State Counsellor Office's lying during the interview with VOA. It seems like a big drama of lying they all have been participating. Is not the country ruling just with lies? 

In short, by the event the lies of the State Counsellor Office revealed so significant. Thus, we will keep our eagle-eyes looking to how the State Counsellor Office is going to take action to BGP who killed Hafiz Mohamed Sadek brutally. 

This is to inform to the State Counsellor Office's responsible that all the photos, proofs and documents of the real event of killing an innocent person by BGP that the State Counsellor Office lying shamelessly, already sent to the relevant international Human Rights organizations. 

(Human Rights Monitoring Group of Northern Rakhine State)

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