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VIOLENCE Looms over Maungdaw ahead of Eid Festival

Rohingya Eye
RB News
June 25, 2017

Taung Pyo Let Wel -- Reacting on a report of alleged attacks on 4 Rakhine men - hailed from 'Ta-Rein' hamlet of 'Kyeing Chaung' village -- and subsequent abduction of 2 of them by some alleged Rohingya men armed with swords on June 24, 2017 morning, the Myanmar Security Forces besieged the village of 'Kyun Pauk Pyu Zu' in Taung Pyo Let Wel sub-Township this morning. 

The village men fled in fear of arbitrary arrests and Security Forces rounded up women and forced them to sit under hot-sun whole day, letting Rakhine extremists plunder Rohingya homes in the village. 

Meanwhile, Rakhine extremists waiting standby at tactical junctions in northern Maungdaw to attack Rohingya passers-by and shoppers ahead of Eid Festival in Myanmar on June 26.

In southern Maungdaw, meanwhile, a joint force of Myanmar military and Border Guarded Police conducted raids on Baggona village this afternoon (on June 25 afternoon) after an arrest of a village man allegedly connected to the Rohingya armed group operating in northern Maungdaw.

The joint Myanmar armed forces vandalized villagers' homes and used 'Village Women' as 'Human Shields' during the raids on homes in the village.

"The villagers believe the man arrested is innocent. Even if he is actually connected to the Rohingya armed group as alleged, there is no reason for the military to destroy homes and use 'women' as 'human shields.' They just want to terrorize the villagers ahead of Eid festival", said a human rights activist based in Maungdaw.

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