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The Nasaka and A Rohingya

(Photo: Khin Maung Win/AP)

The Nasaka and A Rohingya 

Ro Mayyu Ali
RB Poem
April 3, 2017

I was born to a bona fide 
By the genetic of Rohingya 
And it's Nasaka as a foetus 
In the womb of my country's dictatorship 
Known as one of the world's most brutal Juntas 
Perhaps, it's in 1991's Myanmar. 

In scorching heat of 1992, 
He with thousands of comrades 
In over hundreds of settlements 
With quite switch of Junta's past strategies 
Taken encounter into my heaven 
Not only to hack the branches 
But to eliminate the entire root 

"Look! A Bengali student! 
He'll pass matric and marry a wife who gives 10 million kyats. That's the only benefit of his educating in our Buddhist country!" 
Still echoing into my head 
What he told me in a check post 
While going to sit for my matric exam 
How could I forget each of his? 

He and me, not less than a pair 
Even he from royal Junta 
And I from prey of Rohingyas 
How much he's called me 'Bengali' 
In his tone of red-nose mood 
Never be the equal grand of 
My mom ever called me 'Dear' 
Moment of my frequent glimpse 
Into the hidden chapter of his reign 
A time of my heart feeling goes out 

Fear is my first feeling 
When I open my eyes in morning 
Just life in empty joy 
Sound sleep through the lonesome dark 
Because of chronic and traumatic 
Shame and guiltiness begin to surround 
Thought of ending life is common 
I might forget his feature 
Shall never I forget 
How he made me feel in my boyhood. 
What he led me suffering 
In full guile of rigor and rampage 
A high-court level of sobs and wails 

Identities were confiscated. 
Testimonies were degraded. 
Peak of denial in every step 
Tangible coercion for every breath 
In a very short length of stay, 
Everything in our life descended 
Into a whirlpool of wreckage 
And ornament of havoc, as well 
Ah! How allergic all of his were! 
Every single practice of his flares 
The dark pines of our mind dip deeper. 

Women are widowed and single. 
New-born are without certificates. 
Children are lack of welfare. 
Young people are broken. 
All lost hope and are traumatized. 
To a group, every string is well-cutted off. 
This is the way a group of people be expelled 
Not with a mass slaughter 
But with whimper after whimper 

Indeed, he's one of the most doleful 
Of genocidal operations against Rohingya 
So even the masterpiece of Bengalization to elite Rohingya 
He's the one 
Who herds affection towards the animosity 
He's the one 
Who turns other's dream to nightmare 
He's the one 
Who keeps people dead being alive 
At the end his decade, 
All ever has he well set up 
Bequeathing his innate legacy 
The victory he sought was won 
And farewell in laughter and flavour 

On 15 of June, 2013, 
He the cobra saw the bound of the halt 
And transformed to BGP 
And I'm made an incredible illegal immigrant. 
Verily, I'm made an immigrant Bengali. 
I'm seen as a Bengali. 
And now I'm a Bengali. 
A Myanmar's well-generated Bengali! 

The poet is an original Rohingya. He himself was the victim of Nasaka operation. Nasaka, the Burmese term called to Border Immigration Forces. In 1992, it's established by Myanmar's Junta administration to set up the genocidal strategies against Rohingya. After 2012-June violence, it officially came to a halt on 5 of March, 2013. And now it is seen as the Border Guard Police (BGP) in Northern Rakhine State.

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