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A 13 Year old Rohingya boy Mercilessly Tortured by Myanmar Military in Northern Maungdaw

RB News
February 5, 2017

Maungdaw, Arakan – A 13-year-old Rohingya boy was mercilessly tortured by Myanmar soldiers in Northern Maungdaw on Sunday. 

A Rohingya boy named Hasson, son of Zubareik, from West Hamlet in Kyee Kan Pyin village tract, was fishing on Sunday, February 5th, in ponds that are owned by local Rohingya on the western side of Wa Peik hamlet. He was detained at 8:30 AM by Myanmar soldiers while he was fishing and was taken to a nearby camp based in Wa Peik hamlet. 

The boy was then said to have been tortured and beaten by the soldiers while he was in custody until 4:30 PM that evening. His condition now is described as as critical by locals who reported finding him collapsed and crawling in a nearby field where he was unable to walk. Villagers said he was trying to make his way to West Hamlet by walking and crawling as his injuries caused him to lose strength and collapse repeatedly. He was carried to his home by the villagers who found him. 

Due to curfew restrictions the boy was unable to receive medical treatment and remained in his home for the night. His parents remained worried whether he will survive the injuries of his beatings. His parents reported that they are concerned that even when they are able to travel to the health clinic they will not have enough money to do so. 

Hasson’s family previously lived in the Middle Hamlet but were forced from the village by the order of the Border Guard Police Chief, Thura San Lwin, on October 23rd, 2016. Since this time Hasson and his family have been living with another family who allowed them to take refuge in their home in West hamlet. 

Despite warnings from the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding mass killings, gang rape and a number of other atrocities, reports continue to emerge of Myanmar Security Forces committing Crimes Against Humanity. 

“Myanmar government and military should be prosecuted at The International Criminal Court by The United Nations. That’s the only solution.” a village elder told RB News

Rohingya Eye contributed in reporting.

13 year old boy Hasson

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