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Eight Rohingya women and girls gang raped by Myanmar military whilst Myanmar’s investigation commission is visiting the area

RB News
December 12, 2016

Taung Pyo Let Wel, Arakan – 8 Rohingya women and girls from Chaung Ka Lar hamlet in Zee Pin Chaung village tract, situated in Taung Pyo Let Wel sub-township, were gang raped by the military at gunpoint and some other women were sexually abused, whilst Myanmar’s investigation commission, led by Vice President Myint Swe, was visiting the area.

Today, on December 12th 2016 at 12 noon, a group of 55 soldiers entered Chaung Ka Lar hamlet. Fearing that they may be gang raped, as is frequently the case, 30 women and girls all gathered together at the house of Hafiz Akbal. 12 soldiers entered then entered his house and had 8 of the women and girls brought into a room at gunpoint, where they were gang raped, a local villager told RB News. The remaining women and girls, more than 20 of them, were also sexually abused. Their clothes, including underwear, were removed by the soldiers, who then abused them as much as they wanted.

Among the eight rape victims, four are married and four are single.

Three of the raped women are from the same family: a 40-year-old mother and two her two daughters age 18 and 21. The other three married women are ages 37, 33 and 25 years old. The two other single
young ladies are ages 22 and 17.

Not only did the soldiers rape the women and girls, but they also looted the properties and sexually abused women and girls at the houses of U Maung Myint, Fawzol and Shikandor. In addition, they also stole the earring of a 70 year old lady who is the wife of Sirazul Hoque.

Recently an investigation commission was formed which by the Myanmar government, led by Vice President ex-general Myint Swe. The commission is currently in Northern Maungdaw Township, having arrived there on December 11th, 2016. However, the military is carrying out atrocities against the Rohingyas in many villages, despite the presence of the commission, including the looting of properties and forcing the Rohingya villagers to leave their homes so that they cannot talk to the commission. According to locals, these crimes are taking place in the villages of Kyet Yoe Pyin, Yay Khae Chaung Khwa Sone, Dar Gyi Sar and U Shey Kya.

Investigation Commission visiting Northern Maungdaw on December 12, 2016 (Photo: MOI Webportal Myanmar)

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