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More than 30 Rohingya Including an 18-Month-Old Baby Mercilessly Slaughtered, Shot Dead. Rohingya Women Stripped Naked, Beaten and Humiliated.

RB News 
November 15, 2016 

Maungdaw, Arakan – More than 30 Rohingya, including an 18 month old baby, were killed by the Myanmar Army and Border Guard Police (BGP) in Tha Yet Oak Dar Gyi Sar hamlet of Dar Gyi Sar village tract in Maungdaw Township in the evening on November 14th 2016. 

On November 14th, 2016 at 5pm 100 soldiers and police from the Myanmar Military and BGP forces entered Tha Yet Oak Dar Gyi Sar hamlet were reported forcing the women and children of the village to come with them to an area in the western side of the hamlet where brine is boiled to remove the salt. Witnesses say the security forces then forced the women to strip naked, then beat them and pushed their heads into the mud. 

A soldier reportedly held an 18-month-old baby boy, son of Nur Mamed, by the leg and hit the boy with a large piece of wood. The boy died on the spot. This is how merciless the killing has been, a villager told RB News

Security forces then arrested more than 30 men. Some others were shot dead, and others slaughtered by knife, according to local residents. The soldiers and the BGP then threw the dead bodies onto a haystack and burned them all. 

The women and children then fled to nearby villages after the troops left. 

The troops returned to the same hamlet this morning, November 15, 2016, and burnt down at least 100 Rohingya houses.

The people who were shot dead or killed by knife are: 

(1) Abul Kalam s/o Shamshu (28-year-old) 
(2) Shamshu s/o Sawduran (50-year-old) 
(3) Izzat Ali s/o Eisuf (25-year-old) 
(4) Musa Ali s/o Eisuf (40-year-old) 
(5) Shuna Ali s/o Eisuf (35-year-old) 
(6) Sayed Ali s/o Eisuf (30-year-old) 
(7) Eisuf s/o Sawdu Rahman (80-year-old) 
(8) Gulam Kadir s/o Gawnu (28-year-old) 
(9) Gawnu s/o Sawdu Rahman (50-year-old) 
(10) Nur Alom s/o Sawdu Rahman (45-year-old) 
(11) Ibrahim s/o Nur Alom (20-year-old) 
(12) Mamed Sarlek s/o Abdul Hakim (30-year-old) 
(13) Mamed Siddique (27-year-old) 
(14) Mustamed (45-year-old) 
(15) Lalu s/o Nur Hashim (15-year-old) 
(16) Nur Hashim s/o Bawni Amin (45-year-old) 
(17) Hairul Amin s/o Hor Hussein (25-year-old) 
(18) Hor Hussein s/o Nawzir Ahmed (45-year-old) 
(19) Abdul Habi s/o Sawdu Rahman (35-year-old) – Remark – Disabled person 
(20) Nur Mamed s/o Rahmat Ullah (25-year-old) 
(21) Rahmat Ullah (42-year-old) 
(22) Nur Mamed – Remark – From Phwa Wet Chaung, killed while visiting. 

Although the death toll is believed to be higher than 30 villagers, we were unable to obtain all names.

Report contributed by MYARF.

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