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Kyet Yoe Pyin Villagers Appeal For Urgent Humanitarian Assistance

Burning huts in Wa Baik last month

RB News 
November 6, 2016

Maungdaw, Arakan – The Rohingya villagers from Kyet Yoe Pyin village in Northern Maungdaw Township appeal for urgent humanitarian assistance as they are facing a critical food shortage. 

Myanmar military raided Kyet Yoe Pyin village on October 13th and 14th, 2016. At least 800 houses were burnt down and the whole market where 173 shops were set up helping daily livelihood of the villagers. Moreover 57 shops outside of the market were also burnt down by soldiers and border guard police. 

The villagers claimed that they found 19 corpses from the village and 13 villagers are missing. 

According to a villager, at least 2500 villagers from Kyet Yoe Pyin village are homeless now. They could have little foods in the past days but now they are facing shortage and it is a serious problem.

They are banned from going one village to another. On November 5th, 2016 at 9am, three Rohingya youth went to harvest a paddy field located in Bawdu Fara nearby Yay Kyaw bridge but they were forced to leave the location by the military and were unable to harvest. 

“This is the season for harvesting but we cannot. So what we will eat? Our houses were burnt down and our shops were too. We have no more foods now. Please pity on us and we appeal to support us the foods as soon as possible.” a villager told RB News.

Report contributed by Rohingya Eye.

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