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Hundreds Of Rohingyas In Koe Tan Kauk Tortured By Myanmar Army

RB News
November 5, 2016

Rathedaung, Arakan – Koe Tan Kauk village was raided by the Myanmar Army today and many hundreds of Rohingya villagers were tortured, valuables were looted and some innocent people were arrested, according to locals. 

The village was besieged by military since Friday, November 4th, 2016 at 11:30PM. The soldiers got into the village at 6:30AM on the following day, Saturday and informed some elders that they are going to investigate house by house.

At first they asked the people to come out from their homes and sit outside, holding the household registration list. After a few houses were being investigated the military started beating, looting the valuables gold jewelries from the women. 

They started detaining the boys above 8-year-old and the men and gathered them in the mosque compound. The detainees were tortured inhumanely. An Imam Abdul Halim was tortured to an unconscious state and people thought that he had died. Another Imam Rahmatullah and some others are in very critical condition. Some were tortured almost to death. 

“Torturing was the worst. I have never seen such torturing human by human.” a villager told RB News

At 8PM the women sent the food with children for the detainees who were no having food since being detained. The children were not allowed to go back and they were detained too. At the end almost 800 people were detained. 

At 10:30PM all detainees were released but Imam Abdul Halim, Imam Abul Kasim and other three were arrested and were taken with the military.

Ministry of information posted news today that they arrested two villagers at 2PM from Koe Tan Kauk who are attackers of the Border Guard Police outpost at Koe Tan Kauk on October 9th, 2016. Actually those two arrestees are innocent villagers but as the authorities have been arresting the innocents they are doing so.

“Main purpose of terrorizing these villagers is they hold the placards while UN and diplomats visiting their village. The notes they wrote in the placards are exactly what the government is committing. So those hit the government. The people also tried hard to inform the delegation what they are really facing nowadays. That’s why they were badly targeted and tortured.” a human rights watchdog in Maungdaw said.

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