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Authorities Allegedly Preparing To Use Hindus Posing As Rohingya To Meet UN Representatives

RB News
November 1, 2016

Maungdaw, Arakan -- It has been said that the local authorities are preparing to use Hindus to pretend to be Rohingyas and meet with UN investigation team which is to come to Maung Daw township of Rakhine state.

After the BGP Headquarters and some check posts in Maung Daw and Rathi Daung townships were attacked on 9th of October 2016, Myanmar Army, Border Guard Police in collaboration with Na Ta La (Model Villagers) under the pretext of a Clearance Operation, killed more than 100 local innocent Rohingyas which include women, old aged and new born babies and buried them in mass graves. They've arrested so many innocent Rohingyas with fabricated allegations. They Raped many helpless Rohingya women and torched approximately 1000 Rohingyas' houses and 100 shops. They have forced many Rohingya families to leave their homes. What is more, humanitarian assistance has remained blocked for these tens of thousands of Rohingyas who became homeless because of the so called Clearance Operation.

RB News has been reported that since there is a team from UN to come to Maung Daw region in the coming days to investigate the persecutions upon Rohingyas carried by the Myanmar authorities, the authorities in Maung Daw are trying to hide the crimes they've committed by using some members of the Hindu community pretending as Rohingyas as their physical appearance and language equal to those of Rohingyas'.

"I heard that the Hindus are being trained. Yes may be, they, the trained will be made to pretend as Rohingyas and say that they are not under persecution of the government to UN investigation team, if I have to say frankly it will a kind of shooting a drama'' said a human right watchdog.

''According to the current information we hear, they will make Hindu women wear Burkhas (veil, worn by Muslim women) and meet the UN representatives in the form of Rohingya women to hide the rape cases the Army commits on Rohingya women in these days'' the above mention human right watchdog added.

It is known that, since Myanmar government said to the UN team to visit only the only places where it says for security reasons, the Rohingya community in the Maung Daw is worried of being unable to express about their suffering.

Report contributed by MYARF.

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